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Which Of Allah’s Favours Can We Deny?

This is the sacred verse of the noble al-Quran that we must ponder upon each and every moments and seconds of our life …. Allah swt says: فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ “Then which of your Lord’s favours will you (humans and jinn both) deny?” (55:47) In this world nothing belong to us but everything onlyContinue reading “Which Of Allah’s Favours Can We Deny?”

Sabar : The Beautiful Secret That Lies Within!

What is Sabar and Why is it Guranteed Jannah? Without our realization, in our life, we are constantly facing many kinds of tribulations, tests and many on going trials. In certain circumstances, the biggest challenge in our life may be to fulfill an “assignment” as a solution to come out from such a tribulation thatContinue reading “Sabar : The Beautiful Secret That Lies Within!”

Are We Constantly At A Loss?

Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s rahmah, pandemic has been slowly lifted…..all of us are now back to our normal routine with our normal schedules of dunia activities. SubhanaAllah ! What a Ni’mah of Allah swt … for a believer, everything Allah decrees for the believer, whether in ease or hardship, will be good for him. If heContinue reading “Are We Constantly At A Loss?”

Ya Allah, Let Us All Have A Good End….

Oh Allah, We beg You for a long life with Iman, Thaqwah, Good Health and Baraqah Wealth for a Good Life and End! O Allah we realize Life is too short and Your Redha is boundless and Infinite. From the bottom of my heart may I share this with my beloved new subscribers…..that the mainContinue reading “Ya Allah, Let Us All Have A Good End….”

Zakat and Sadaqa – What are the Differences?

Zakat and Sadaqa is a form of giving and contributing for the sake of Allah. However, there are certain differences that we need to know between zakat and sadaqa. Thus, what are the differences: What is Zakat? 1. one of the five pillars of arkanul Islam (obligations) that we must complete to become a Muslim.Continue reading “Zakat and Sadaqa – What are the Differences?”

How Do We Know! Has Our Fasting Been Accepted?

Ramadhan came and went by us like a wift of fresh air. Ramadhan was a time to cleanse our qalb with imaan and thoufeeq….. in sha Allah. How do we know that Allah is happy of our ibadah in this sacred Ramadhan? First of all, let us continue with our dua’ that may Allah swtContinue reading “How Do We Know! Has Our Fasting Been Accepted?”

May Allah Accept All Our Tiny Ibadahs In This Sacred Month of Ramadhan

The sacred Ramadhan is drawing its curtains to a close for this year….so sad! Let us be ready to witness the farewell of our beloved Ramadhan of this year through these dua’s and supplications as thought by our beloved Nabi Muhammad saw. اشهد ان لا اله الا الله واشهد ان محمد رسول الله ‎استغفر اللهContinue reading “May Allah Accept All Our Tiny Ibadahs In This Sacred Month of Ramadhan”

A Unique Reward! Just For Our Qiyamullail In Ramadhan!

The sacred month of Ramadhan is the time for us to establish the regular night prayers ………قَالَ:‏‏‏‏ “سَمِعْتُ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ، ‏‏‏‏‏‏يَقُولُ لِرَمَضَانَ:‏‏‏‏ مَنْ قَامَهُ إِيمَانًا وَاحْتِسَابًا، ‏‏‏‏‏‏غُفِرَ لَهُ مَا تَقَدَّمَ مِنْ ذَنْبِهِ”. Narrated Abu Huraira (RA): I heard Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) saying regarding Ramadan, “Whoever prayed at night in it (theContinue reading “A Unique Reward! Just For Our Qiyamullail In Ramadhan!”

Allah’s Reward For Those Who Feed Others In Ramadhan

Fasting is prescribed upon us to ensure that we are able to subdue our nafs and at the same time to feel empathy and always be thoughtful towards those who are less unfortunate so that we become selfless in this dunya…. SubhanaLlah. What a wonderful training for our qalb! Feeding others brings joy and happinessContinue reading “Allah’s Reward For Those Who Feed Others In Ramadhan”

Our Supplications Will Not Be Rejected In The Sacred Month Of Ramadhan

Ramadhan is a sacred month in which Allah swt. answers all our supplications. Thus, the following are the perfect times for us to make Dua’ to Allah swt : 1.Sahur time  (pre -dawn meal). When we are just about to begin our fasting for the day. 2.Iftar – Breaking fast time, when we are aboutContinue reading “Our Supplications Will Not Be Rejected In The Sacred Month Of Ramadhan”

There is No Might and No Power Except with Allah.

By the grace of Allah, after 2 years of disastrous situations of pandemic Covid 19 now the world is slowly coming back to normal, Alhamdulillah. The entire mankind in the global village of today having to go through a very trying and testing time with fear, sickness, loss of job, poverty, bankruptcy, social distance, isolation,Continue reading “There is No Might and No Power Except with Allah.”

Shirk – The Destroyer of Our Imaan

Previously, in my writings, i have highlighted about many shaithanic traits, among them shirk (polytheism) is the greatest sin. Shaithan will try with his maximum power to deviate man from Thauhid (Oneness of Allah) to do Shirk (Polytheism / make partners to Allah). What is shirk? Shirk simply means, make partners or associates with ALLAH,Continue reading “Shirk – The Destroyer of Our Imaan”

Shaaban – In Which Our Yearly Book of Deeds Are Presented to Allah swt.

Allah swt. chose Shaa’ban and He loves Shaa’ban for many reasons, SubhanaLlah. Shaaban is a blessed month by all means, in which, Allah swt. appointed special angels to submit the annual report of the deeds of every Insan to Him. Ya Allah, in this blessed Saha’ban we beg for Your Rahmah and forgiveness. Ya Allah,Continue reading “Shaaban – In Which Our Yearly Book of Deeds Are Presented to Allah swt.”

Characteristics Of A Leader

Earlier in my blog, i have written an article about “Leadership Begins from Home”. Continuing from the same topic, i would like to add few more points, InshaAllah. During the upbringing of the children of Believers, often they train their sons to have the characteristics of an Imam. Why they train their sons to becomeContinue reading “Characteristics Of A Leader”

Inna LiLlahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon

We often utter or hear these words when we hear passing of a person or when we are faced with a calamity. In reality we must keep unfailingly the proclamation of “we only belong to Allah, the Al-mighty Who Created us” in our remembrance at all times, certainly this is our aqeedah. Although this verseContinue reading “Inna LiLlahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon”

How To Do Thaubah To Allah swt.

Doing Thaubah is the reflection of our true Iman. Every one of us must do Thaubah to our Allah Who Created us, then only our Iman is complete. Thaubah means repenting for a sin immediately, promising Allah to not repeat the same evil again and beg Allah for His forgiveness. Certainly, those who constantly repentContinue reading “How To Do Thaubah To Allah swt.”

Kun Fa YaKoon – “Be” And It Will Happen…

Allahu Akbar, Allah, the Absolute, the Eternal and Omnipotent. Only Allah has all the Power. Allah is One and is Exalted above Everything He Creates. Allah Almighty’s infinite Power and Greatness, He is a Unique being Who has No Equal and only He can do everything. And there is nothing comparable to Allah and HisContinue reading “Kun Fa YaKoon – “Be” And It Will Happen…”

Asking For Prior Permission Increases Your Dignity

Do things with Permission is the Sign of our Adaab and Akhlaq as we are created to lead a life with the permission of Allah, that is the message of obedience. From the young time, especially in the school, we have been taught to ask permission for everything. We are taught to ask permission evenContinue reading “Asking For Prior Permission Increases Your Dignity”

House of Healing for Our Hearts Through The Remembrance Of Allah

Build a “house” for our community based on Ruqyah Zikrullah is equal to build an Ummah in the remembrance of Allah swt. At the second anniversary of the notorious global pandemic lock down, i have been in my spiritual cave, doing research on the infinite Mercy of our beloved Allah, the All Merciful Creator….., IContinue reading “House of Healing for Our Hearts Through The Remembrance Of Allah”

There Is No Might for Us Except What Allah Bestows Upon Us

There is no power, might and strength for us except what Allah has given us, that is His mercy on us Ya Allah, we beg You to give us strength and energy to submit ourselves unfailingly just for You. Ya Allah we beg You to keep our hearts (qalb) steadfast on Your Siroathol Musthaqeem untilContinue reading “There Is No Might for Us Except What Allah Bestows Upon Us”

It is Our Own Choice Charity Can Be In Any Form

In this current situation, with the recent Musibah that had befallen our country which caused many to loose their homes through the heavy flooding that caused a total loss to many home owners. The disaster had affected almost half of the country. It is overwhelming to see that many compassionate people from different walks ofContinue reading “It is Our Own Choice Charity Can Be In Any Form”

Why Do We Need To Do Thaubah?

Doing Thaubah or repenting for our sins to our Al-Mighty Allah is a prescribed requirement for us believers. We have been created to have many weakneses and with sins. Allah swt says : وَخُلِقَ الْإِنْسَانُ ضَعِيفًا ….for human has been created weak (liable to err) (surah An-Nisa 28). Thus these are the reasons why weContinue reading “Why Do We Need To Do Thaubah?”

Methods of Performing Solah in Different Situations

Early in the year of 2020, my family and i were able to perform our Umrah, it was before the strict order of the pandemic restrictions started. Due to pandemic restrictions there was a ban on travelling to the sacred lands which is so sad, we really missed the ziarah of our two blessed masjids,Continue reading “Methods of Performing Solah in Different Situations”

Faraid – The Fairness in Islamic Inheritance Law.

Wealth is a trial, we must win it over with Allah’s given laws. Islam regards wealth as a Ni’mah-Means of human satisfaction in his endeavour to attain victory or prosperity that leads to a good life in this dunia and hereafter with Allah’s Redha. Islam is a comprehensive religion which teaches us how to liveContinue reading “Faraid – The Fairness in Islamic Inheritance Law.”

Allah Does Not Burden A Soul Beyond That It Can Bear

Often we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed by the tests that have been decreed and directed for us. Most of the time, many scholars say that the tests are designed specially for us – as we have been created unique and with different weakneses and strength – because Allah the All-knowing knows that we can withstandContinue reading “Allah Does Not Burden A Soul Beyond That It Can Bear”

Through Our Dua’ Allah Changes Our Fate!

The fate of our lives may have already be written for us but there is a given Rahmah of Allah – an act that could change our fate (decree of Allah swt.) that is OUR SUPPLICATIONS TO ALLAH. Through our supplications Allah changes a predestined fate to a better decree which we are begging forContinue reading “Through Our Dua’ Allah Changes Our Fate!”

Halal Is Clear, Haram Is Clear

For a believer, there is a clear distiction between Halal and Haram, no doubt about that. What is Halal and what is Haram? Halal means whatever Allah swt made permissible and allowed for us, for example : consuming slaugtered permissible animals according to Allah’s decree that has been written in the Quranul Kareem and Assunnah.Continue reading “Halal Is Clear, Haram Is Clear”

Thakabbur /Jealousy / Envy / Hasad – Destroys Our Aqidah

Most of the time Thakabbur is the main cause of Jealousy, Envy and Hasad. Thakabbur is the greatest disease that the shaithan shown to the world through his disobedience to Allah’s hukum. The first crime of Iblis – shaithan, which caused him to be in Jahannam forever, his eternal abode. Thus, because of this, IblisContinue reading “Thakabbur /Jealousy / Envy / Hasad – Destroys Our Aqidah”

After Hardship Comes Ease

We must understand that surely, with the hardship, there is relief, our duty is just to beg Allah for the relief and keep patience. Allah swt says: سَیَجۡعَلُ ٱللَّهُ بَعۡدَ عُسۡرࣲ یُسۡرࣰا After a difficulty, Allah will soon grant relief.(Surah at-Talaq, 65:7) This promise is only for the one who beg for Allah’s help, waitContinue reading “After Hardship Comes Ease”

Why We Need To Solah On Time

Allah swt prescribed solah with a scheduled time, the time for solah is fixed by Allah swt Himself. Allah swt says: فَأَقِيمُوا الصَّلَاةَ ۚ إِنَّ الصَّلَاةَ كَانَتْ عَلَى الْمُؤْمِنِينَ كِتَابًا مَّوْقُوتًا Establish the Solah (prayer) verily the Solah (prayer) has been decreed upon the believers a decree of specified times.(An-Nisa 103) Solah is our privateContinue reading “Why We Need To Solah On Time”

Nothing Belongs to Us Except Our Righteous Deeds

Only Our Righteous Deeds Belongs to Us! What we have done for the sake of Allah will be given back to us! Only That Is Ours And Nothing Else. Subhana Allah. What can we bring back when we return back to our Allah? I am constantly reminded of this fact. We all know that everythingContinue reading “Nothing Belongs to Us Except Our Righteous Deeds”

Death, the Undeniable Truth!

Preparation Of Our Body, Mind And Soul For Death is the Sign of Our Iman. The wise people are those who have prepare their body, mind and soul for their death. SubhanAllah, with Allah’s infinite grace and rahmah, this is my 150th article.Our Return to Allah – Our Inevitable Farewell, Our Death! When I startContinue reading “Death, the Undeniable Truth!”

When Our Target is Akhirah, Dunya Will Be Provided

Once I met an old school friend of mine, during our conversation he asked for some spiritual guidance, as he had suffered with financial problems and had to go through with it for many years. He told me that he had good connections, many people whom he could approach for financial assistance. However, it just doesContinue reading “When Our Target is Akhirah, Dunya Will Be Provided”

Alone, We Will Be By Ourselves When We Meet Allah

Ya Allah I beg for Your forgiveness and for Your Rahmah, ya Allah we are weak and we do not know anything except tiny knowledge that we have studied or understood out of Your infinite Mercy, Shukoor to You ya Allah. By Allah’s Hikmah, out of His Rahmah, Allahu akbar this pandemic has brought toContinue reading “Alone, We Will Be By Ourselves When We Meet Allah”

Benefits of Solah for The Body, Mind and Soul

Why do we need to perform our 1st pillar of Islam which is solah? It was narrated from Abu Hurairah (RA) that the Prophet (ﷺ) said: “The first thing for which a person will be brought to account on the Day of Resurrection will be his Salah. If it is found to be complete thenContinue reading “Benefits of Solah for The Body, Mind and Soul”

Ayatul Kursi – The Verse of The Throne

The benefits of Ayatul Kursi are uncountable. Allah swt. revealed to us His noble al-Quran, with full of mercy and wisdom, among the glorious verses are some specifically revealed with unique power and blessings. All Ayats of the glorious al-Quran has significance of their own. Some of them are more prominent than others. One ofContinue reading “Ayatul Kursi – The Verse of The Throne”

Do We Know That Their Supplications Are Accepted?

We know the, Times When And Where Our Supplications Are Answered by Allah swt. But do we know that there are certain types of people that Allah will accept their supplication? In Islam, it is specifically mentioned that there are certain types of people their dua’ and supplications are accepted by Allah, for example :Continue reading “Do We Know That Their Supplications Are Accepted?”

Do Not Follow The Ways Of Syaitan!

I have written about “Who Is Iblis (Shaithan)?” in my previous article. Shaitan is given permission by Allah to lead mankind astray, provided if the mankind had followed the ways of Shaithan. NauzubiLlahi minzalika. Shaithan do not have any authority on the sincere servants of Allah and those who follow Islam strictly. Shaithan is givenContinue reading “Do Not Follow The Ways Of Syaitan!”

Our Health Our Time – Only For Allah

Do Not Take For Granted Our Health And Time. There is a Dire Reason not to Ignore these realities. The covid19 pandemic has brought health hazards to many people. Allahu Akbar. Very unfortunately, little do we realize that, we are focusing and most often giving the least importance to our health and our time inContinue reading “Our Health Our Time – Only For Allah”

Ease Others, Allah Will Ease Us

Both my parents took in a sibling of brother and sister who had been orphans about 40 years ago. Now the orphan is taking care of my mother. SubhanAllah. This is how the story goes….  One fine day in the 1970s, the brother came to my father’s office for educational advice. So my father advicedContinue reading “Ease Others, Allah Will Ease Us”

Depend On Allah Only During Depression

If our mind is not connected to Allah, circumstances may lead our mind to depression! Due to the wide spread of covid-19 pandemic all over the world recently, we have been hearing sad news of many suicidal and self-harming cases. Most of the causes are probably due to the deep depression because of the economicContinue reading “Depend On Allah Only During Depression”

Only For ALLAH Our Beginning And Our Ending

For us Allah is the first and Allah will be the last. Upon waking up, Allah must be the first in our thoughts. Before retiring for the night, Allah must be the last in our mind. SubhanAllah Allah has no beginning and Allah has no ending. Allah created nabi Adam (as), and the mankind. AllahContinue reading “Only For ALLAH Our Beginning And Our Ending”

Good Adaab, Akhlaq & Character – Essential In Spreading Islam

Islam is based on having good akhlaq and good character. What is the importance having good akhlaq and good character? Why Islam stands for good Akhlaq? In my previous article, “Beauty of Islam”, which explains that Islam is not about forcing others to accept Islam but rather to convey and to educate others about theContinue reading “Good Adaab, Akhlaq & Character – Essential In Spreading Islam”

Times When And Where Our Supplications Are Answered

Don’t you wonder when and where is the best time to send our supplications to Allah? I always do of course. Thus, Allah has given us specific times or days and specific places for us to supplicate and prosterate before Him. So when and where are the best time and place to call upon ourContinue reading “Times When And Where Our Supplications Are Answered”

We are From Allah, For Allah, To Allah : A Very Clear Purpose For Our Life.

We know we come from Allah, we have to return to Allah but why are we put here on earth, What is our purpose as khalifah on this earth???? How often do you think about the purpose of your life in this world? I often wonder and think about the purpose of our life inContinue reading “We are From Allah, For Allah, To Allah : A Very Clear Purpose For Our Life.”

Who Are The Messengers / Prophets Of Allah?

The mesengers of Allah are the chosen ones by Allah to convey and reach out the message of truth regarding Allah, our sublime Creator. So, why they are so special? Why is it is made wajib on us to belief in them as one of the pillars of faith – Iman in Islam? Subhana Allah.Continue reading “Who Are The Messengers / Prophets Of Allah?”

The Power Of Forgiving Others…

We often beg Allah swt for His forgiveness and to accept our thaubah especially during the month of Ramadhan. However, can we ourselves forgive those who have wronged us?…. for many of us, to forgive others is the most difficult and hardest thing to do in our life…. and yet everyone of us expects Allah swtContinue reading “The Power Of Forgiving Others…”

Ya Allah, You Are Enough For Us – HasbunaAllah 

Ya Allah, You are the OnlyCreator for all and everything ….. Ya Allah for us, You are Enough. We leave everything in Your Power. We Trust Everything in You! This is the dua of every believer as how Allah’s beloved Nabi Ibrahim (as) did, when he was thrown into the fire by the cruel kingContinue reading “Ya Allah, You Are Enough For Us – HasbunaAllah ”

The Positive Side Of Covid19 – A Lesson For The Entire Mankind

In each and every incidents there are some hidden reasons or hikmah only Allah swt knows about it. In certain situation there are some lessons for believers and opportunities for them to transform. How Covid 19 pandemic Can Be a Good lesson for the mankind to transform themselves to Spirituality? Globally, the world have experiencedContinue reading “The Positive Side Of Covid19 – A Lesson For The Entire Mankind”

Status Of A Mother In Islam And Her Supplications

Allah has blessed this year again with mothers day for our dear mothers, in the month of sacred Ramadhan al Kareem. Allahu akbar. Last year i wrote about our dear mothers, this year i am writing about being a mother ourselves. Becoming a mother is not about a status but it goes beyond that becauseContinue reading “Status Of A Mother In Islam And Her Supplications”

Keeping Kinship – A Cry Out For The People Of Palestine!

Two days before Syawwal, just as other Muslims as well as the Palestinians were also preparing themselves to celebrate the spiritual celebration of Eid ul Fithr for almost completing the Ibadah of fasting for 30 days for Allah swt. All of a sudden we were brought back to reality with an intensifying subdued emotional feeling asContinue reading “Keeping Kinship – A Cry Out For The People Of Palestine!”

First Syawal : A Spiritual Celebration For Continuance Throughout The Year!

Every year, the First Syawal is a spiritual Celebration for the world Muslims to celebrate after finishing their Ramadhan fasting – a 30 days of Spiritual Cleansing. Alhamdulilllah by Allah’s Rahmah, we have managed to fast the whole of 30 days in this sacred Ramadhan for Allah. Fasting is a body, mind and soul cleansingContinue reading “First Syawal : A Spiritual Celebration For Continuance Throughout The Year!”

Fasting With Allah-Consciousness

The most important aspect of fasting  is the development of Allah-consciousness (Taqwa). The best who fast are those who fast with the consciousness of Allah. What is the main reason for our fasting through abstaining our halal normal activities such as eating, drinking and having a physical relationship with our halal partnes during the day?Continue reading “Fasting With Allah-Consciousness”

Fasting Is a Sign Of Our Sincere Surrender To Allah swt.

I have fasted since i was seven. Alhamdulilllah. Most of us have been trained to fast since we were young. However what is the true essence of our fasting to our beloved Allah? Fasting is a very unique Ibadah which is performed between Allah and His servant, it is very confidential. The sincere fasting isContinue reading “Fasting Is a Sign Of Our Sincere Surrender To Allah swt.”

Lailathul Qadr : A Unique Gift of Allah in Ramadhan

I often wondered why did Allah swt gave a night of Lailathul Qadr. A very special night only bestowed for His righteous servants…. Lailathul Qadr could be “just one Night“ in the last 10 nights of the sacred Ramadhan which is better than 1000 months; which quantifies to 83 years, SubhanaLlah! Thus, if a nobleContinue reading “Lailathul Qadr : A Unique Gift of Allah in Ramadhan”

Ramadhan : Month Of Protection

Allah swt made this sacred month of Ramadhan as mercy, forgiveness and protection from the hell fire. During this merciful month of sacred Ramadhan, our beloved Allah swt is not only Merciful but also our beloved Allah swt is our Protector. Our beloved Allah swt promised His servants protection from the jahannam especially for thoseContinue reading “Ramadhan : Month Of Protection”

Do Not Be Among Those Who Wish For Ramadhan After Their Death

Dear Allah, thank you for granting us one more Ramadhan to please You Ya Allah, Lakal Hamdu walaka -Shukur ya Allah. O our beloved Allah, we are pleading to You that we will not be among the unfortunate those who have died and after their death asking for the month of Ramadhan for them toContinue reading “Do Not Be Among Those Who Wish For Ramadhan After Their Death”

Ramadhan – Month Of Forgiveness

To be able to get to Jannah, we need to have Allah’s Redha, Rahmah and most importantly Allah’s forgiveness for all our sins, big or small, discreet or non-discreet. This would be our ultimate aim in pleasing Allah swt. Our beloved Allah swt is Merciful and also the most Forgiving Allah. Thus, this sacred monthContinue reading “Ramadhan – Month Of Forgiveness”

Giving Charity In Secret Is Best

Ramadhan is a month of sacrifice to please Allah swt. for the sake of Allah swt. Giving alms to others, from the bounty of Allah swt whatever He bestows on us is also a sacrifice. Giving and assisting others would cleanse our soul of any dark spots that had been festering our Qalb. The peopleContinue reading “Giving Charity In Secret Is Best”

Ramadhan : Month For Us To Understand More About The Noble Al-Quran

Ramadhan is the month in which the noble al-Quran was revealed, thus, the most sacred month to read and understand the noble al-Quran. We are prescribed to read the noble al-Quran daily, we must not forget to read at least a page a day. Reading the noble al-Quran, studying and understanding the meaning, to know, accept,Continue reading “Ramadhan : Month For Us To Understand More About The Noble Al-Quran”

The Noble al-Quran, The Greatest Miracle Of All Time

Allah’s Noble Al-Quran is our Nabi Muhammad’s (saw) greatest mukjizat or miracle which was revealed to him 1400 years ago and was sent to him in this particular sacred month, Ramadhan. Allahu Akbar. I first began to learn to read the noble al -Quran when i was probably about 6 or 7 years of age.Continue reading “The Noble al-Quran, The Greatest Miracle Of All Time”

Ramadhan : Month Of Reward

The sacred month of Ramadhan is full of rewards, whatever we do for Allah in this blessed month constantly will be rewarded in multiply and abundantly. SubhanalLah one of the nights of this sacred month is better than a thousand months! For example, there are rewards for• abstaining ourselves from eating, drinking and other halal activitiesContinue reading “Ramadhan : Month Of Reward”

Greater Jihad : Struggling Against The Evil In Oneself.

To Battle against Oneself Is The Greatest Jihad – Subduing Our Nafs Especially In The Month Of Ramadhan. What is it? I have often wondered what is the meaning of battle against our own-selves? After much pondering then i realized that it is our own-selves, which means our nafs. …. By Allah’s Rahmah I couldContinue reading “Greater Jihad : Struggling Against The Evil In Oneself.”

Only Allah’s Guidance is Perfect

In our life, do we feel lost or unguided at times? I am certain of it! Every one of us feel that in our life often except those who are specially protected and guided by Allah swt. This is because shaithan  is trying constantly to deviate humans from the straight path, Nauzubillahi min zalik. TheContinue reading “Only Allah’s Guidance is Perfect”

Who Is Iblis (Shaithan)?

We all know who is our beloved All Merciful Allah swt is!Our beloved Allah is Almighty, Creator, One and Only, Truth, Justice and Perfection. Who is Iblis and Shaithan?  Iblis is a makhluq created by fire, he is from jinn, at the beginning Allah swt bestowed him the similar rank as angels. However when he disobeyed AllahContinue reading “Who Is Iblis (Shaithan)?”

Who Is Allah?

Allah swt is Eternal.Allah is Absolute.Allah is Omnipotent.Allah is Independent.Allah is Formless.Allah swt is Almighty.Allah is Incomparable.Allah swt has No beginning.Allah swt has No ending.Allah is Self Subsisting.Allah is Ever Living.Allah is Perfect.Allah swt is the Absolute One and Only. Allah is all-powerful. Allah is all-Knowing. Allah is the Ruler of the universe.Allah is theContinue reading “Who Is Allah?”

Arkanul Islam – The Five Pillars

Islam is based  on the five pillars which are 1) Declaration of two Kalimah Shahadah : It is Not Just A Proclamation But Our Complete Submission to Allah swt and His Messenger (saw), this is the fundamental Ibadah of Muslims Towards Allah swt.2) Establish and Perform Regular Five Times Solah. This Ibadah is Unique and OurContinue reading “Arkanul Islam – The Five Pillars”

The Noble Al Quran Is Truth

Allah swt out of His infinite Rahmah gave us brain with “understanding capability” so that we can have an intellectual mind. From the faculties of our brain and mind we are able to understand and comprehend certain things…. as Allah swt designed. Only Allah’s revealed knowledge is flawless and clear knowledge, only this knowledge leadsContinue reading “The Noble Al Quran Is Truth”

How Do You Measure your Success? – In The Eyes of Mankind or In The Eyes of Allah?

How do we measure our success? Would it be by how many A’s we get in our exam? Would it be because we have earned many doctorates or professorship or the many VIP titles we have earned in this life? Would it because of how many successful bussinesses we have? Would it be by howContinue reading “How Do You Measure your Success? – In The Eyes of Mankind or In The Eyes of Allah?”

Isra’ And Mi’raj – The Significance Of The Month Of Rajab And Not Just A Journey

This was not just any journey that our beloved nabi Muhammad (saw) took in this month 1400 years ago. In this unique ascension – journey, our beloved Nabi (saw) met our beloved Allah swt, a unique manifestation of truth a nonequivalent miraculous incident. The award of an unique divine gift of Five time solah wasContinue reading “Isra’ And Mi’raj – The Significance Of The Month Of Rajab And Not Just A Journey”

How Do We Know If Allah Forgives Us?

We have been created by Allah swt to be humans or mankind who are completely full of weakness and due to being weak, we are all sinners. However Allah swt is ever Merciful and ever Forgiving of our sins no matter how devasating it can be? His Mercy towers above His punishments, Allah swt isContinue reading “How Do We Know If Allah Forgives Us?”

Nourish Our Hearts With The Remembrance Of Allah

Our heart or qalb is just like any other part of our body which is vulnerable. If we do not care for it, it will eventually perish. Nauzubillahi minzalika. Similarly our body, it is weak if we do not nourish it with proper sustenance like good healthy food, minerals, supplements and vitamins. So our heartContinue reading “Nourish Our Hearts With The Remembrance Of Allah”

Signs of Our Good Deeds Are Accepted

Have you ever wondered if your good deeds have been accepted? We all wonder about it all the time as I often do of course. At times, Allah swt may show us some signs that He has accepted our good deeds, for example 1) Eagerness to do continually good deeds one after another 2) FearContinue reading “Signs of Our Good Deeds Are Accepted”

What Is Zakat? And Why it is made Compulsory?

Alhamdulilllah to our beloved Allah swt. The blessed month of Rajab is here once again, which signifies that the sacred month of Ramadhan is nearing us, SubhanalLah. As I have previously written in my blog titled “Respect and the Significance of the Month of Rajab“, one of the four Months that Allah swt made sacredContinue reading “What Is Zakat? And Why it is made Compulsory?”

A Believer Is Fearless

During these trying and testing time of this life threatening pandemic…. only Allah knows our struggles…. 1) fear of getting infected2) fear of infecting others unknowingly3) fear of loosing our income4) fear of loosing our work5) fear of loosing our business6) fear of unable to pay those working for us7) fear of lagging behind inContinue reading “A Believer Is Fearless”

Only Allah Knows what is the Best for us We Do Not Know

Only Allah swt knows what is best for us, as Allah swt is the Ultimate Planner – the Almighty. Ya Allah, especially in these trying times, we do not know anything, we only trust in Your mercy and protection. Ya Allah our strength is only our Tawakkal in You ya Allah. Ya Allah, You areContinue reading “Only Allah Knows what is the Best for us We Do Not Know”

Isthiqamah – What Is It And How It Can Be Achieved?

“The phrase Isthiqamah (from the foundation “qaama”) means to go straight into the proper route, performing rightly, permitting no deviation. It’s from the identical root that the phrase musthaqeem is derived (i.e. sirat al-musthaqeem — the straight path). It may be translated as ‘steadfastness’.” Allah swt says: ‎فَاسْتَقِمْ كَمَا أُمِرْتَ وَمَن تَابَ مَعَكَ وَلَا تَطْغَوْا ۚ إِنَّهُ بِمَا تَعْمَلُونَ بَصِيرٌContinue reading “Isthiqamah – What Is It And How It Can Be Achieved?”

Live Our Life As A “Tourist” With ‘Pictures Worth’ to Be Presented for the Hereafter.

This world is just a temporary place of reside. Our final destination will be Hereafter. Thus, as travellers of this dunya (life), what kind of pictures have we taken to be presented to our Allah? We are all going through this life as though we are tourists travelling through and vising each country but neverContinue reading “Live Our Life As A “Tourist” With ‘Pictures Worth’ to Be Presented for the Hereafter.”

Always Have A Positive Mind Towards Allah

Are you a positive or a negative person? I often think that most successful people are of positive mind. They often think a glass half filled with water is half full of a glass instead of half empty. They never give up or give in during whatever situation they are presented with. When you areContinue reading “Always Have A Positive Mind Towards Allah”