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How Do We Know! Has Our Fasting Been Accepted?

Ramadhan came and went by us like a wift of fresh air. Ramadhan was a time to cleanse our qalb with imaan and thoufeeq….. in sha Allah.

How do we know that Allah is happy of our ibadah in this sacred Ramadhan?

First of all, let us continue with our dua’ that may Allah swt accept all our tiny Ibadah and all our righteous deeds in this Ramadhan. Ameeen ameeen ameeen Ya Allah.

We may be able to confirm that our fasting have been accepted by Allah through certain signs, such as;

  1. We feel “taqwa” towards Allah swt.
  2. We feel closer to Allah.
  3. We feel at ease when doing our obligatory and voluntary solah
  4. We feel the necessity to read and understand the noble al-Quran more and more.
  5. We feel at ease giving charity to those who are less fortunate
  6. We can restrain ourselves from getting angry
  7. We can control our nafs
  8. We can control our tongues especially and abstain ourselves from unnecessary conversations
  9. We feel we want to do more of our voluntary fasting
  10. We feel more love for Allah and Nabi Muhammad saw.
  11. We feel the presence of Allah unfailingly at all and every situation
  12. We are more forgiving towards others
  13. We tend to do Isthiqamah in all our ibadah and righteous deeds
  14. We feel ease in waking up for Qiyamullail
  15. We, unfailingly feel gratitude and thankful to Allah Who gave every Ni’mah to us.
  16. We feel that we are protected and we are always with our ALLAH and His Rasul.
  17. We feel we want to do more for Allah consistantly and constatly

Ya Allah we beg You to include us amongst the people of Imaan and Thaqwa.

Ya Allah, although Your sacred Ramadhan has already whisked by but we beg You to keep us always in remembrance of You in all and in any situation……..

Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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