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Ramadhan – Month Of Forgiveness

To be able to get to Jannah, we need to have Allah’s Redha, Rahmah and most importantly Allah’s forgiveness for all our sins, big or small, discreet or non-discreet. This would be our ultimate aim in pleasing Allah swt.

Our beloved Allah swt is Merciful and also the most Forgiving Allah. Thus, this sacred month is a month to ask for ultimate forgiveness for all our wrong doings.

Therefore do not let pass this sacred month’s each and every seconds without begging our beloved Allah for His kind forgiveness for all our wrong doings

Ya Allah we beg You to accept our Istighfar and Thaubah for all our sins of the past, present and future that we have done, doing or will happen to do knowingly and unknowingly, consciously and unconsciously. Allahu Akbar.

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