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Who Is Allah?

Allah swt is Eternal.
Allah is Absolute.
Allah is Omnipotent.
Allah is Independent.
Allah is Formless.
Allah swt is Almighty.
Allah is Incomparable.
Allah swt has No beginning.
Allah swt has No ending.
Allah is Self Subsisting.
Allah is Ever Living.
Allah is Perfect.
Allah swt is the Absolute One and Only.

Allah is all-powerful. Allah is all-Knowing. Allah is the Ruler of the universe.
Allah is the Creator of everything in existence.

Allah swt is Our:
Utimate Creator.
Ultimate Provider.
Ultimate Listener.
Ultimate Helper.
Utimate Planner.
Ultimate Perfection.
Ultimate Knower. Ultimate In Everything!

Allah is the Owner of Everything -The above, the below and everything in between belongs only to Him…

No one can explain about Him! Even if we used the entire available capacity of this universe would not be enough to describe about Allah and it is certainly impossible.

Whatever I have studied about Allah swt even that little knowledge If i were to list it all here, i would outrun this blog and many more. Subhana Allah.

If we do not know who Allah swt is, then how are we to submit ourselves to Allah, that is why Allah swt taught us little about Him in His noble alQura’n and through His Messengers.

Allah Is One and Only, and There are no other being that we should submit ourselves to other than Allah swt.

Only Allah swt is able to make the “impossible” to possible and also the “possible” to impossible.

Ya Allah. You are our ultimate All…
We Trust and Store all our everything in You.

We beg You to accept our Taubah and forgive all of us.

Ya Allah grant all of us thoufeeq to steadfast our life on Your given Islam, let every step of our lives be for You only for You ya Allah
Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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