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Who Are The Messengers / Prophets Of Allah?

The mesengers of Allah are the chosen ones by Allah to convey and reach out the message of truth regarding Allah, our sublime Creator.

So, why they are so special? Why is it is made wajib on us to belief in them as one of the pillars of faith – Iman in Islam? Subhana Allah.

Some of them were given special favours, powers, miracles – Mu’jizat and authority. All these are granted by Allah swt to them and all the powers only belong to Allah swt.

Messengers (Mursaloon) and Nabis (Anbiya) all of them are humans, by creation they all are just like us – humans, they were born and face death as well, they eat and drink, they feel pain and they feel hardship like us too and even more so…. but they are special and unique humans with special qualities and abilities as they are receiving wahyu and able to communicate with Allah swt. that itself is their uniqueness to differentiate them from others. They are the beloved’s of Allah swt and Allah swt made wajib on the ummah to love them as well.

First of them was Nabi Adam (a) and the final was our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw).

There are more than 124,000 prophets (anbiya) in Islam, they were sent by Allah throughout the years to each and every nation, every corner of the world so their messages were spread as Allah swt appointed them accordingly to all over the world. There is no nation without a prophet of Allah was appointed to them!

All of them were appointed to spread Islam to the world since the beginning of first human on earth Nabi Adam (a) until our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) who had been the final of the Messengers.

In the noble al-Quran Allah swt taught us about 25 prophets and their missions.

Their main purpose on earth was to spread Islam to their respective ummah, this was started from the time of nabi Adam (a) until the time of final Messenger. All of them were appointed to the mankind to introduce their Creator and to fulfill their entrusted mission of spreading Islam on earth.

All of them were given this blessed duty, it was a very trustworthy amanah to introduce Allah to the mankind, to differentiate between the true One God and false gods. They guided the mankind with evidence and proofs, they were given suhufa and some were given books, they answered them clearly with evidences for all their queries especially for : why we must believe only in Allah! Why only Allah is true God and only Allah is trust worthy to be worshipped and others are not?

All the prophets of Allah had to go through tremendous trials and tribulations, their tests and struggles had been much harder and much more than even we could guess or imagine, when we try to compare our tribulations to theirs ours are nothing and incomparable but just peanuts!

Their hardships are far more than what we can ever imagine. Their unshaken Iman and tawakkal in Allah was their strength, during the tribulations, difficult times and at all the unfavorable situations they still perservered and always seek asylum in Allah.

No doubt that always they found happiness and felt secured in asking for Allah’s help and shelter themselves in Allah depending on Allah’s help. Subhana Allah!

All these are the reasons, they became one of the pillars of our Iman for all of us to believe in them and to be blessed with their missions to :

• Learn and perservere from their struggles for the sake of Allah swt

• Be our role models

• Never to give up even during the time of difficulties and hardship.

• Learn to always depend on Allah no matter how severe the situation may be

• Constantly ask Allah for steadfastness on a straight path

• Constantly beg for Allah’s  forgiveness

• Constantly ask Allah for perseverance in whatever situation

• Constantly ask Allah for patience during difficult times

• Learn from them how to face difficult people and difficult situations

Ya Allah, please let us constantly be steadfast, perservere in Your religion like Your beloved prophets and messengers did before us.

Ya Allah Please forgive us and shower Your rahmah and mercy upon us just the way You did shower on Your beloved prophets and mesengers before us. Ameen ameeen ameen

Ya Allah.

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