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The Positive Side Of Covid19 – A Lesson For The Entire Mankind

In each and every incidents there are some hidden reasons or hikmah only Allah swt knows about it.

In certain situation there are some lessons for believers and opportunities for them to transform.

How Covid 19 pandemic Can Be a Good lesson for the mankind to transform themselves to Spirituality?

Globally, the world have experienced a horrific situation! A pandemic that have literally changed our living lifestyle. From being able to go out like before as social creatures and do anything that had been a routine, we have been forced to do things in an unusual manner following the procedures of the new norm…..Allahu Akhbar!

However we must always think positive of the outcome of the pandemic by the grace of Allah swt. such as

• No doubt that the mankind unanimously turn to their Creator for the ultimate protection
• Money, power and facilities could not save the man from this pandemic
• Man could realize the fact that his power is very limited and he depends on his Creator Who Created him
• Medicines, science and knowledge are very limited … that the man has achieved, man is not perfect by all means without the help of his Creator
• Believers find more happiness by their faith and trusting in their God- Allah and beg for His help
• Certain changes could take place in the hearts of many ignorant believers and they could reform themselves and could strengthen their faith in Allah
• We are able to pray on time at home, we are no longer fighting for time or stuck in traffic jam or held in meetings
• More quality time could spent with family and children
• More time could spent to understand the noble-al Quran
• More cleanliness through taking more ablutions
• The men has to be more responsible in doing their duties as head of the family as only one person is allowed to go out to get the essential items.
• We no longer speak of negative issues as we are not allowed  to meet for social gatherings
• We are not wasting time outside instead and forced to stay indoors to reflect on ourselves…
• We are following the sunnah of our nabi Muhammad (saw) to the latter
• Individually Getting close to Allah and learning to know Who is the Creator of all and everything; nothing can be in existance without the will of Allah even the Pandemic Covid-19. So shelter is only from Allah swt.
• The earth and the environment we live in, and highly depend on for our survival will be saved from many kinds of pollutions; will heal and mend itself from less movement and destruction made by people around the world. The earth is much clearer now … A lesson for people who thinks!

Unfailingly Allah swt protects all of us from all disasters or many calamities those we may not know about…. InshaAllah from this pandemic also Allah swt certainly will protect all of us.

Ya Allah we beg You to protect all of us from all kinds of pandemics and calamities are known or unknown to us but You know everything ya Allah.

Ya Allah we beg You to forgive all of us for every wrong doings on earth those we have committed and protect all of us from pandemic COVID-19.

Ya Allah with Your infinite Rahmah protect all of us from any severe trials or any other more disastrous calamities ither than of Covid-19.
Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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