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Ramadhan : Month Of Mercy

Do we not want Allah to have mercy on us? to have showered His Rahmah upon us? for Allah to be there for us constantly when we are in dire need of Him? Certainly yes, everyone of us extremely, eagerly expecting and begging for His help especially for His Rahmah.

However, before we would be blessed with all the above, we must know that Allah swt observes and sees which of His humbling servants are willing to help those who are in dire need amongst His servants.

Allah swt is always Merciful especially to those who are merciful to other mankind  ….by feeling empathy or by giving charity for those who are in need.

When we have trained our soul to be merciful and kind upon others amongst His humble servants, would then only, Allah swt would be merciful upon us in sha Allah.

Allah swt looks at our hearts, If we are merciful to others, then only Allah will be Mercuful to us.

All these are spiritual training for every one of our soul that we must not become arrogant, greedy but we transform ourselves to become noble servants of Allah who feel to help others.

This sacred month of Ramadhan is the best month for this unique spiritual training….. to become a selfless servant of Allah for the sake of Allah swt.

The best way to be merciful to others is in the form of:
•  giving zakah (wajib / obligatory)
•  sadaqah
•  infaq
•  hadiah
•  wakaf

Helping or being merciful or compassionate to others is not only with money but also can be done by – Giving Alms To Others For The Sake Of Allah Is Certainly Another Substantial Part Of Our Ibadah and through many other ways such as:

•  giving shelter, food, clothes or anything that we can help with
•  giving our time, energy by teaching, educating, sharing, helping medically, visiting and many more…

While we give our hands to others the priority always must be given to our beloved parents and family – they are always first ….
•  our children
•  siblings
•  family and relatives
•  neighbours
•  friends
•  other non related brothers and sisters
•  anybody who are in desperate need of aid whom we knew or do not know
•  those who are sickly
• those who are in the path of Allah and need help.
•  animals, birds and all living things

Ya Allah, we beg for Your Rahmah and forgiveness

Ya Allah we are Your weak servants we beg for Your mercy to be showered upon us always.

Ya Allah we beg You to grant us more thoufeeq with Your infinite Rahmah, Rezq and Help for us to
help Your ailing servants or those who are in need for Your sake ya Allah

Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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