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We are From Allah, For Allah, To Allah : A Very Clear Purpose For Our Life.

We know we come from Allah, we have to return to Allah but why are we put here on earth, What is our purpose as khalifah on this earth????

How often do you think about the purpose of your life in this world? I often wonder and think about the purpose of our life in this world almost all the time, Allahu Akhbar. May Allah forgive all of us, and grant us thoufeeq to be blessed with His Redha and Rahmah.

Definitely we have a purpose! We were certainly created to fulfill a purpose.

When we think about our purpose, then this question which will trigger our mind – What is our purpose in life? Is it to please Allah only or is our life is for what other purposes other than for Allah?

What is that purpose?…. The answer is simply just to submit to Allah, obeying His laws, seeking for His Redha.

So the answer is very clear why we put here on earth – submitting ourselves to Allah and only to do what Allah pleases and nothing else….

From the purpose of our life we find the target of our life : In business, our target is to get more sales, in education, our target is to get the best grades possible and not to fail.

So what is our target for this life? We can have targets in our daily life for all our routine affairs as mentioned above ….but if our target is not to please Allah, then what is the meaning of our achievements in all our routine activities in this life????

For example in business, say we get more sales – alhamdulilllah, we get more profit thus more money to spend but if our spending is not for Allah, then we have failed, there is no reward from Allah for our targets, so what is the purpose of getting more sales if not for Allah’s Redha???? NaoozubilLah.

So the purpose of getting more sales is definitely for Allah, and to please Allah, Subhana Allah.

Similarly in education, we get all the high flying grades and finally a professor or a doctorate – alhamdulilllah. But what is the high education achievement for if not for the cause of Allah, NaoozubilLah.

For other professions too, like doctors who helps with curing people, lawyers, accountants, engineers, influencers, even bloggers like many of us and myself too- if our purpose is not for Allah, why are doing it?

For every action that we need to do, each of us will be questioned why we have done such and such….that is why the purpose of our life must be to please Allah, only for Allah and for Allah alone.

Whatever enjoyments or property that we own in this life is the bounties of Allah, each and every of them is given to us with a purpose, all these, we must utilize, but only to please Allah alone!

Enjoying ourselves, spending for ourselves and for our family is also a Must – this is a prescribed law on us. However when we spend for ourselves and for our family also has to be with a purpose, must be done just to please Allah, as each and every penny we spend for ourselves and for our family – to please Allah is considered charity and will be rewarded abundantly.

Our life in this world and whatever we have been given, all these are amanah from Allah it must utilized or fulfilled as prescribed or permitted by Allah and must be returned to Allah as Amanah, which means utilize all these bounties of Allah as Allah swt has prescribed, we can enjoy all of them within Allah’s Redha.

So the purpose of all these favours are just to give back to Allah as He prescribed. Whatever we give for others or we spend for the sake of Allah will not go waste …. as Allah promises that whatever that is given for Allah will be rewarded back to us in multiple or more in sha Allah. Allahu Akbar….

The rewards will be bountiful, unimaginable, uncountable and with full of barakah in dunia and akhirat; which eventually will lead us to Jannatul Firdause, what else do we want? Allahu akbar.

Ya Allah we beg for Your forgiveness and we beg You to accept our Taubah

Ya Allah we beg for Your forgiveness and to steadfast our life and it’s purpose only to please You alone.

Ya Allah we beg You to transform every moments and steps of our dunia life as our Ibadah to please You.

Ya Allah with Your Rahmah we beg You to forgive all our weakness of dunia life.

Ya Allah we beg You to transform our life and the purpose of our life only to be blessed with Your Redha and with Your Jannatul Firdause. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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