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All Knowledge Belongs To Allah!

Only Allah Knows Everything.

All knowledge only belongs to Allah. It is a fact we cannot deny! We do not know anything except what Allah taught us. We are only able to gain knowlegde when Allah wishes to give us or bestows it upon us. Only Allah Knows Everything!

Have we had an experience when we feel something wrong with us and we have a medical check up and the doctors are unable to find anything wrong with us. So this is what happen to my eldest daughter. Subhana Allah.

My daughter was hospitalised for over 2 weeks. Allah granted her Shifa and she is discharged, Alhamdulillah. I am thankful to Allah first and foremost. I am also grateful to all my dear readers for your sincere dua’ for her speedy recovery and shifa, JazakumulLah alkhair.

May Allah protect all of us, grant shifa to all those who are not well, protect us from the pandemic and bless all of us with long life with good health and Aafiyyah, Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

Initiallay the doctors were unable to find anything wrong with her. They did tests after tests. She said they took almost 30 over vials of blood samples plus 2 big bottles of them to see what was ailing her. SubhanAllah.

Doctors tried different antibiotics to reduce her fever and when her fever is reduced, she had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics that was given to her. Allahu Akhbar. Doctors are also human, they are with their limited given knowledge, they are striving with their achieved knowledge to treat their patients and expecting the cure for their patients.

All knowledge only belong to Allah, only Allah knows about every illness and cure. Thus, the fact that we must always depend on Allah for all and everything.

Only Allah has all knowledge from the heavens above to the depth of the sea, no leaves are falling without the knowledge of Allah and no sands in the shore without the knowledge of Allah.

Allah created all and everything. Everything only belongs to Allah, we are not even qualified to guess or imagine about the existing creatures of this universe. We do not know anything except what Allah has taught us, SubhanAllah.

When my daughter was in the hospital, i kept reminding her to make supplication to Allah to give ilhaam to the doctors so that they are able to “see” and find the bacteria that was causing the infection.

Finally, with Allah’s given ilhaam, the doctors were able to give a proper diagnosis. This is what i would always do too, whenever i have to be examined by a doctor, First of all, I would make dua’ that may Allah grant the doctors the proper guidance to treat me with proper medications, Allahu a’lam. Ameen ameeen ameeen Ya Allah.

Similarly in the case of Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and to name a few. They were all intellectuals beyond the level of normal human beings. Allah granted them high intelligence, however with being intelligent, Allah also did not give any one of them perfection, every one of them have their own weakness as humans, certainly humans are not perfect only Allah is perfect..

Allah is the Creator He is independent, everything and everyone depends on Allah. Only Allah is perfect and we must always remember this truth, so we will always remember that all knowledge only belongs to Allah swt.

Ya Allah we beg You to grant all of us beneficial knowledge that may lead us to our victory in dunia and akhirat.

Ya Allah we beg You to forgive all of us and grant  the right ilhaam on the right time with proper diagnose and medications to all the doctors who are giving us medical treatments, Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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