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Fasting With Allah-Consciousness

The most important aspect of fasting  is the development of Allah-consciousness (Taqwa).

The best who fast are those who fast with the consciousness of Allah.

What is the main reason for our fasting through abstaining our halal normal activities such as eating, drinking and having a physical relationship with our halal partnes during the day? All these are only for the sake of Allah? If yes, why?

Why do we do all these for Allah? We are doing all these because we are giving our full submission to Allah in order to gain His pleasure, for that we are striving to …..

• be a man of taqwa
• be self disciplined for Allah – the One Who Created us
• begging  for His redha / pleasure
• begging for His mercy
• begging for His forgiveness
• begging for the protection from the Hell fire

Ya Allah, we have fasted and abstained ourselves from all our nafs and all the worldly pleasures for You, please accept our ibadah of fasting strictly adhering to Your laws and decrees.

Ya Allah we beg You to steadfast us in Allah -consciousness always.

Ya Allah, our life and death are only for You Ya Allah.

Ameen ameen ameen. Ya Allah.

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