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Who Are We?

In my previous articles, i have written some important points for all of us to read to know more about our beloved Allah swt ; almighty the One who Created all of us and everything, Allah’s Angels, Allah’s Messengers, and also about shaithan the cursed. Now, i feel to the need to write something about us – HUMANS – who are we actually? And Why Allah swt created us?

Therefore, Who are we?

Humans have been created with certain specific purposes or reasons and also given some specific qualities for example :

• we are created to submit and obey to Allah

• we are given amanah to fulfill

• we are created with aqal and common sense

• we are honored by Allah among all other creatures

• we are given knowledge and intellectual wisdom

• we are created with some weakness

• we are totally dependent on Allah swt.

• every creatures created with different qualities and capabilities, but we are honored with knowledge and intellectual faculties

• at certain reasons we may feel we are inferior to other powerful creatures of Allah for example Angels; yet man is honored when he become pious

• we are born with “nafs” or desires which is different from other creatures.

Our strength : However, there may have certain weaknesses in us but Allah swt granted us unique strength when

• we totally depend and submit ourselves wholeheartedly to Allah

• we trust and beg for Allah’s help

• we have sincerity or ikhlas in our qalb

• we constantly remember Allah and beg for His mercy

• we feel humility towards others for the sake of Allah

• we help others during their time of need for the sake of Allah.

Fulfillment of amanah : With these strenght, we fulfill the purpose of our life for Allah swt.

• As Allah’s khalifah on this earth to fulfill the given duties / amanah

• To become a pious man

• To spread the beneficial knowledge to others

• prepare the self for the hereafter life as prescribed

• To consistently walk on the right path with the guidance of Allah’s Dheen

• To act as a constant reminder for others about the remembrance of Allah

• To strictly adhere to Allah’s law and guidance

• To spread Allah’s true Dheen to the mankind with patience.

Achievement of victory : Allah swt promised victory in dunia and akhirat for

• Those who follow Allah’s guidance and His laws

• Those who are sincere in doing Allah’s work

• Those who constantly and consistently adhere to Islamic laws and steadfast on the straight path

• Those who strictly practice and behave with Islamic akhlaq

• Those who believes in Allah ,accepts the truth of Islam and does the righteous deeds

• Those who accompany righteous people

• Those who avoid bad companionship and bad places

• Those who live and die as a good man for the sake of Allah

Ya Allah, we beg for Your forgiveness for all our misdeeds. Ya Allah we beg You to steadfast us constantly on the straight path. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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