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How Do You Measure your Success? – In The Eyes of Mankind or In The Eyes of Allah?

How do we measure our success? Would it be by how many A’s we get in our exam? Would it be because we have earned many doctorates or professorship or the many VIP titles we have earned in this life? Would it because of how many successful bussinesses we have? Would it be by how many ownerships that we have in this world? Or by how much we are doing in this world for Allah swt?

Different people measure success differently as different people have different targets in their life but all these successes are only achieved because Allah swt granted them to us. Allahu Akbar.

I believe a person, only succeeds when he has earned – intelligence, skills or whatever it may be in this life and these skills are put to good use. It is only successful when it can benefit or help for himself or for others. Allahu Akbar.

For example the doctors, nurses, anyone in the medical fields helps an ailing person, while a businessman helps to upgrade his employees to better their lives, an educator helps to educate others.

At the end of our journey, how we use our success and how we succeed ….finally is measured by only Allah, SubhanaLlah.

Ya Allah, we beg for Your Forgiveness and Rahmah.
Ya Allah please forgive our weaknesses and let all our success be only to please You.
Ameen Ameen Ameen Ya Allah.

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