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The Noble al-Quran, The Greatest Miracle Of All Time

Allah’s Noble Al-Quran is our Nabi Muhammad’s (saw) greatest mukjizat or miracle which was revealed to him 1400 years ago and was sent to him in this particular sacred month, Ramadhan. Allahu Akbar.

I first began to learn to read the noble al -Quran when i was probably about 6 or 7 years of age. Among what amazed me about the noble al- Quran is that whatever size the noble al- Quran it may be, the pages remained the same… The pages do not change with the size whether the noble al- Quran was small or big. It really astonished me, the first amazement, SubhanalLah.

It was like a dictionary where one can refer the page and it will be similar to another unbridged version. It was a reference i thought. This was a second astonishment that how the noble al- Quran amazed me, SubhanalLah

Some how we all are writers, i have tried many times to start a page and finish the content in one page without continuing to another. I probably can do it once or twice by Allah’s rahmah but i can never do it on every page. Allahu Akbar. The noble al-Quran has a beginning at an end of in every page, never did one sentence or ayat continued to the next page as breaking the message of the sentence.
This makes easier to mark the page when we want to stop reading, another amazing fact, SubhanalLah.

The more i get to understand about our Noble Quran, the more reflection of our lives are reflected in our day to day livelihood… an amazing Book, SubhanalLah.

It is more than just a book of codes and laws, or a book which explicates truth about jannah or jahannam,but the noble al-Quran is Allah’s revelation to the entire mankind, a way flawless way of life, prescribed decrees and words, which explains our reason for being and our main purpose of life in this world … why human is created? How the creation took place, how the world is created, the formation of the sea, the mountains, the reason for the formation of the stars – to find our way when we are lost at sea, and many more ….I could go on forever…. SubhanalLah

Ramadhan is the month that our noble al-Quran – perfect living guide was prescribed for us so we can understand not only about Allah swt but also about our purpose of life in this world, why Allah swt created us, the universe, the sea, mountains and more importantly the way we should live our ideal life as Muslims.

Ya Allah, in this sacred month of Ramadhan, we beg You to give us a better understanding and guidance for our life through Your prescribed words. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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