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Allah’s Reward For Those Who Feed Others In Ramadhan

Fasting is prescribed upon us to ensure that we are able to subdue our nafs and at the same time to feel empathy and always be thoughtful towards those who are less unfortunate so that we become selfless in this dunya…. SubhanaLlah.

What a wonderful training for our qalb! Feeding others brings joy and happiness to us! Therefore, when we feed those during the month of Ramadhan, their reward will be given to us as well…. without decreasing theirs too. Imagine, if we feed or iftar a fasting person who was doing any righteous deeds or reciting any number of Juz’ from the noble al-Qur’an then we also would be granted a portion of reward out of his good deeds. SubhanaLlah, amazing we also will be granted the same reward.

Ya Allah, please give us thoufeeq to feed more. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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