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Do Not Be Among Those Who Wish For Ramadhan After Their Death

Dear Allah, thank you for granting us one more Ramadhan to please You Ya Allah, Lakal Hamdu walaka -Shukur ya Allah.

O our beloved Allah, we are pleading to You that we will not be among the unfortunate those who have died and after their death asking for the month of Ramadhan for them to be blessed with the unequivalent bounties of blessed Ramdhan. NauzubiLlahi imin zalik.

Ya Allah we beg You to grant us thaufeeq to be blessed with this year Ramadhan, to accept all our ibadah in this year Ramadhan and we also beg You to accept our Isthighfar and Thaubah in this blessed month.

Ya Allah we beg You, with Your infinite Rahmah and Maghfirah protect all of us from the fires of Jahannam. Ameen ameen Ameen ya Allah.

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