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Egoism Only Brings Disaster

As i have promised earlier, in my previous article “Do Not Follow The Ways Of Syaitan!” about the the many attitudes of shaithan which we must not have or even aspire to have.

The worst of them is the attitude of egoism or being arrogant.

Egoism is one of the worst character, which is the main attitude and character of shaitan, which Allah absolutely despises.

Why is it such a bad attitude? How does it destroys an individual or a community?

Egoism is extremely the worst and it is the character of shaithan which Allah cursed from the beginning.

In the history, this attitude was the first “worst character” that Iblis showed to Allah swt. when Allah swt. decreed him to sujood (give respect) to Nabi Adam (as).

He refused to do sujood to Nabi Adam (as) because out of his thakabbur (ego). Iblis or shaitan thought that he was better than Nabi Adam (as), it was his clear thakabbur (egoism).

Allah cursed Iblis because of his egoistic attitude and character. Hence, this egoistic or thakabbur attitude caused him to be in his eternal abode jahannam! Nauzubillahi minzalika.

The thakabbur (egoism) of Iblis, whispered him that he is better than Nabi Adam (as) as he is created by fire and Adam is created by soil. Feeling of “Iam the better” destroyed him forever! Nauzubillahi min zalika.

This thakabbur led Iblis to reject Allah’s decree and he disobeyed Allah, he did not sujood to Nabi Adam (as).

This kind of egoism may lead man to think that Iam better than others … this is utterly nonsense and against Allah’s Dheen. Those who have these kinds of egoism “saying” that they are better than so and so, thus they do not need the other person and creating animosity with one another……

Hence, these kinds of attitudes may lead to destroy a community, even an instituition when there is no understanding and tolerance among each other. Whoever have such character will be impossible to become an obedient servant of Allah – a true Muslim.

Such egoistic feeling will create hatred and subsequently create rifts with each other. Each one is thinking that they are better than the other ….

Certain egoistic feelings towards others will bring ultimate disharmony in a society, for example, in a community, certain people’s attitudes or egoism or carelessness towards suffering people … that they are meant to suffer, why do we need to bother or care? Just let them suffer as they are unfortunates ones etc….

Nowadays, we can see many such bad situations in our society, these kinds of attitudes come from the egoism especially when there is a power struggle amongst the leaders.

We must not forget that the leadership is a given amanah by Allah swt. that must be fulfilled with mercy, love, compassion and justice.

The leaders must come together to come up with plans to curb this pandemic and help those affected by pandemic covid-19.

The leadership must focus to create a synergic strength to safeguard the welfare of the people and nation, must forget selfishness, avoid divisions and self centered attitudes….

Today, unfortunately we are seeing just opposite. May Allah swt. forgive all of us, our leadership and guide all of us with His straight path.

When the leadership infected the sickness of egoism, they became self-centred thus causing disturbances and destruction of the balance of a community. Nauzubillahi min zalika.

This is very clear, for example sometimes we can see, among the leadership within a company, due to their fight or hatred the entire productivity of the company will be affected, see if it is amongst the leadership of a nation …. It would be worst, the nation have to face a terrible disaster, NauzubiLlahi min zalika.

Ya Allah please remove and cleanse egoism from our hearts and Quloob.

Ya Allah Please remove and cleanse egoism from the hearts of our beloved leaders and people so that they can together lead our nation with Your guidance to be blessed with

بَلْدَةٌ طَيِّبَةٌ وَرَبٌّ غَفُورٌ

A good state with a forgiving Rabb (alQuran 34:15)

Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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