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A Living Heart

Asking Allah For A Living Heart itself is sign that our heart has life. Why is it that we must ask Allah to have “life” in our hearts?

A way of giving life to our heart or qalb is through keeping our heart clean and healthy! Only when our heart or qalb is clean, there will be a living heart for us, otherwise it is dead! The clean heart reflects the way we act and practice our life. A clean heart is always healthy, constantly maintain our heart’s health is our wellbeing on the straight path. When we are on straight path, we will have the desire to do righteous deeds.

Sincere niyyah is the reflection of a good heart then only all our actions will become for the sake of Allah swt. There is no other way to achieve a healthy and clean heart except through the remembrance of Allah swt. Hence, to achieve a living heart, we must seek through

• zikruLlah, sincerely remember Allah and do it constantly and consistantly

• sincerely listening to the noble Al-Quran and accompany with al-Quran

• increase solawat up on our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw)

• Participate in ZikruLlah halaqa and to be accompanied with righteous people

• Doing zikruLlah and dua’ privately as much as possible

• increase solah and all possible ibadah

• increase munajat (secret /midnight prayers/supplications to Allah) and feel the presence of Allah constantly

To keep have an awareness that, keeping away from the remembrance of Allah will create dark spots in our hearts …which slowly prevents our whole being from the remembrance of Allah, Naoozubillah min zalik.

Ya Allah, please forgive us and grant us living hearts.

Ya Allah, steadfast us continuously, consistently and constantly in the remembrance of You. Ameen ameeen ameen Ya Allah.

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