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Angels Of Allah

Who are the Angels or Malaikats of Allah? They are created by light and they are very special slaves of Allah. 

They are different from mankind. They are created with many shapes and forms, no one actually knows about the nature of their creation except Allah and what Allah taught our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw).

They are not given any feelings of nafs like us. They were created only to obey Allah’s decrees and laws. They are the most obedient servants of Allah.

Each Angel or malaikat has been given specific duties and different roles to perform.

Belief in Angels are the 3rd pillar of our faith and imaan, thus we must know about them. Angel Jebril is the head of all Malaikah, who is appointed to bring wahyu to prophets and messengers of Allah.

Allah appointed many angels to give support to our beloved prophets through the tough and difficult tested times.

Allah appointed particular angels to perform specific duties such as the angels of Rizq, angels of Rahmah, angels to Record our Doings, angel of Death to pull our souls from our bodies when Allah’s decree comes.

There are uncountable numbers of angels, Allah created all of them for certain purposes. All the angels are doing their given duties according to the decrees of Allah without failure and they will never disobey Allah.

It is obligatory and wajib for us to know and remember 10 angels of Allah, their given duties and their names, some of them are :

Jibril (a) -Head of the angels,
Allah appointed him to convey wahyu (revelations ) to the prophets and messengers of Allah, he was the best friend of our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw)

Mikael (a) – Allah appointed him to control the weather and rain according to His decrees and instructions

Israfil (a) – Allah appointed him to blow the trumpet to occur the end of the day

Azrael (a) – the Angel of death, Allah appointed him to take the life of every one.

Raqib (a)-Allah appointed him to record the good deeds of every one.

Atid (a)-Allah appointed him to record the bad deeds of every one.

Mungkar and Nankir (a) – Allah appointed them to question us in our graves

Ridz’wan (a) – Allah appointed him to open the doors of Jannah and he is the leader of the angels of jannah.

Malik (a) – Allah appointed him to open the doors of Jahannam and he is the leader of the angels of Jahannam

Ya Allah, we beg You to give us strength and steadfastness of Iman to belief in Your beloved angels, our third pillar of Iman.
Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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