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Signs of A True Believer

Alhamdulilllah, thanks to my beloved Allah swt. the One Who granted me this most blessed thoufeeq for me to write – my humble Da’wah articles.

Ya Allah I beg for Your forgiveness for all my weakness and defects, ya Allah i beg for Your infinite Rahmah to grant me more and more thoufeeq to serve You more to be blessed with Your Redha.

SubhanalLah,this is my 100th article. In this most blessed moments i feel to write a beautiful topic …..just some thing about us, we the believers!

Actually who are the believers? And what would be the signs of a believer?

Believers are not only the people who believe, trust and tawakkal in Allah but also they are the people who

1) Believe in the “truth” and sincerely submit and practice according to the guidance of the noble Al-Quran and the Sunnah of our nabi Muhammad (saw)

2) Maintain a devoted obedience to Allah, unfailingly hope and eager for Allah’s mercy and love

3) Fear of Allah’s punishments for not to fall in to sin, realizing that Allah swt always looking, observing and knowing whatever we do or intend to do

4) Fear of Allah’s punishments for disobeying Allah or sinning, the rebellious people certainly have to face the severe punishments.

5) Show compassion to others, always stand with an humble heart, give charity and alms or any kind of assistance or help to others at all the possible situations

6) gives full submission to Allah and to adhere and follow all of His commands

7) will constantly be compassionate and aware of their responsibilities, accountabilities, attitudes and manners not only towards mankind but also towards all other makhluq of Allah

8) devote whole heartedly to Allah and submit sincerely for Allah and His Dheen

9) always be thankful and grateful to Allah

10) constantly doing good deeds and staying away from the bad

11) have a strong sense of responsibility for their own actions

12) a believer is selfless, constantly thinking of others before themselves

13) always repent and ask Allah for forgiveness

14) always knowing that Allah is in their every actions and He witnesses everything

15) always steadfast and Isthiqamah in all our ibadah for Allah

16) always have patience in the tests and hardship that is given to them

17) always believe in qadha and qadr of Allah and would accept whatever hardship befalls on them

18) always know that Allah is our One and True Love and will sacrifice anything for that Love.

19) always believe in peace and harmony instead of hatred and enmity.

20) always forgives others just like our beloved nabi Muhammad (saw)

21) A Believer Is Fearless except for fearing Allah swt.

Ya Allah, please make all of us true believers steadfast all of us in Your religion. Ameen Ameen Ameen Ya Allah

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