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How Do We Know If Allah Forgives Us?

We have been created by Allah swt to be humans or mankind who are completely full of weakness and due to being weak, we are all sinners.

However Allah swt is ever Merciful and ever Forgiving of our sins no matter how devasating it can be?

His Mercy towers above His punishments, Allah swt is all Forgiving and ever Accepting of our Taubah Annasuha. We must not be doing sin again, once we do Taubah Annasuha Allah swt will grant us thoufeeq to be protected ourselves from falling to sin again by all means, our life style will be changed, we will get closer to Allah through righteous deeds, we will be living in a safe place and will be accompanied only by pious people, In sha Allah.

A beautiful story that signifies that Allah is all Merciful in the story of a man who had killed 99 innocent souls.

The Beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) reported to have said, “Amongst the men of Bani Israel there was a man who had murdered ninety-nine persons. Then he set out asking (whether his repentance could be accepted or not). He came upon a monk and asked him if his repentance could be accepted. The monk replied in the negative and so the man killed him (monk). He kept on asking till a man advised to go to such and such village. (So he left for it) but death overtook him on the way. While dying, he turned his chest towards that village (where he had hoped his repentance would be accepted), and so the angels of mercy and the angels of punishment quarrelled amongst themselves regarding him. Allah ordered the village (towards which he was going) to come closer to him, and ordered the village (whence he had come), to go far away, and then He ordered the angels to measure the distances between his body and the two villages. So he was found to be one span closer to the village (he was going to). So he was forgiven.”(Bukhari)

He was forgiven by Allah’s mercy based on his intention to do Taubah and to transform himself to a good slave of Allah. Eventually he was granted to enter jannah. Subhana Allah.

This is an authentic hadith…. which tells us and gives us an overview that Allah swt forgives all sinners but with a condition that we make taubah all the time, and stop doing sins, Allahu Akbar.

Dear Allah, You are ever Merciful and ever Forgiving. Please accept all of our thaubah anbasuha and forgiveness. Please grant all of us jannatul firdause with Your mercy. Ameen Ameen Ameen Ya Allah

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