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Keeping Kinship – A Cry Out For The People Of Palestine!

Two days before Syawwal, just as other Muslims as well as the Palestinians were also preparing themselves to celebrate the spiritual celebration of Eid ul Fithr for almost completing the Ibadah of fasting for 30 days for Allah swt.

All of a sudden we were brought back to reality with an intensifying subdued emotional feeling as the world faced a horrific news of the Al-Aqsa bombing in Palastine. Allahu Akbar! A brutal and barbaric inhuman act of cruel minded human named animals! NaoozubilLah min zalik.

Watching the news, Alhamdulillah that many people who still have their sanity do not agree to the killing of innocent Muslims who were just praying in the Masjid Al-Aqsa itself.

This is about humanity and understanding the rights of another human being. Those humans in the world still have tiny sympathy towards the fellow humans will never agree to this barbaric and cruel acts to killing humans just because they are Muslims and especially when they were just prosterating.

The entire world know that Muslims are fasting and are in their prayer mood in the sacred month of Ramadhan which signifies the month of Mercy…. especially to another mankind.

Ya Allah, we beg You to instill humanity amongst the humans and eradicate hatred from the hearts of all mankind!

Ya Allah we beg You to cleanse the hearts of Muslims who are fighting each other and support their enemies.

Ya Allah we beg You to shower Your Rahmah and Compassion on those innocent victims and those who are assisting them for their life survival.

Ya Allah we beg You to accept our supplications to protect the innocents from being killed and please protect all our ummah and mankind from futher destructions and sufferings. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah!

A special supplication for the Palestineans. Ameeen ameeen ameen Ya Allah.

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