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Ramadhan : Month Of Reward

The sacred month of Ramadhan is full of rewards, whatever we do for Allah in this blessed month constantly will be rewarded in multiply and abundantly. SubhanalLah one of the nights of this sacred month is better than a thousand months!

For example, there are rewards for
• abstaining ourselves from eating, drinking and other halal activities from a prescribed time to a prescribed time
• abstaining ourselves from talking of negative words ,things, issues, backbiting, slandering, arguing, fighting, improbable speech and many more…
• constantly supplicating to Allah and making lots of Dua
• giving charity to the needy in the form of food, money or whatever help we can give
• reading and understanding the noble al-Quran
• performing solah obligatory and solah sunnah especially solah teraweeh
• performing qiammullail and night prayers especially solah tahajjud

Our beloved Nabi has promised that a person will be rewarded 700 times for those who sincerely fast and does all the above all for the sake of Allah. Subhana Allah

Our beloved Nabi (saw) said, “Every deed of the son of Adam is multiplied, a single deed as ten times the like of it up to seven hundred times“. Allah Almighty said, ‘Except for fasting, as it is for Me and I will reward it. He leaves his desires and his food for My sake.’ (Bukhari)

Ya Allah, we beg You to make us steadfast in our ibadah for You in this blessed Ramadhan.

Ya Allah we beg You for Your thoufeeq for us to continue this blessed ibadah until the month of Ramadhan ends. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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