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Asking For Prior Permission Increases Your Dignity

Do things with Permission is the Sign of our Adaab and Akhlaq as we are created to lead a life with the permission of Allah, that is the message of obedience.

From the young time, especially in the school, we have been taught to ask permission for everything.

We are taught to ask permission even when we want to leave the class room for the toilet.

Ofttimes we feel trivial that everytime we need to do anything, we need to ask for permission.

Honestly, I could not understand it at that point of time…… why must ask a prior permission.

Why is getting permission so much important in our lives?

Answer is very clear indeed! Getting Permission is an unavoidable fact because it shows our adaab and akhlaq, Otherwise we are not disciplined.

At certain situation, asking for permission to do something shows our honor and respect to others, otherwise we are trespassing the privacy of others, which is an act of dishonor for others.

As muslims, it is our religious duty to ask permission from others prior to do anything, this is an act of honor for both. Then, there will never take place a conflict or trespassing on other people’s pathway.

For example, asking to enter a house, to enter a room, to leave a class room or a meeting or asking permission to borrow something or to take something belonging to others …. all of these reflect on our adaab and akhlaq as good Muslims.

Asking permission is not an inferior status but it is a sign of good akhlaq, and a behavioral reflection of a righteous soul.

Ya Allah we beg You to forgive all of us, for all our weakness, especially forgetting to ask permission.

Ya Allah we beg You to instill in all of us, the adaab and akhlaq of asking for permission before we do anything . Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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