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Do We Know That Their Supplications Are Accepted?

We know the, Times When And Where Our Supplications Are Answered by Allah swt. But do we know that there are certain types of people that Allah will accept their supplication?

In Islam, it is specifically mentioned that there are certain types of people their dua’ and supplications are accepted by Allah, for example :

1) Supplication from a soleh child to a parent
2) Supplications made by a fasting person during obligatory or voluntary fasting
3) Supplication of a traveling person for the cause of Allah
4) Supplication of a parent to their children
5) Supplication of someone who is ill or sick
6) Supplication made by someone who having to go through a disaster or musibah
7) Supplication of those who have been oppressed and abused
8) Supplication of a leader who is pious and on a path for Allah swt.

Ya Allah we beg You to forgive all our wrong doings and with Your Rahmah answer all our Dua’ and supplications. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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