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Some Of The Signs That Our Ibadah Umrah/Haj Is Mabrur And Maqbul (Accepted By Allah)

Alhamdulilllah, Let us submit our ultimate Shukur and gratitudes to You ya Allah, with Your infinite Mercy that You showered on us, we could submit our answer to Your invitation, with Your Infinite Rahmah we enjoyed our journey to You, Your sacred Kaa’bah and to Your beloved Prophet Muhammad ‘saw’ and Raudha al-Shareef.

Alhamdulillah, ya Allah with Your infinite Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness, we did strive and struggle to submit ourselves to You at Your sacred Haramain for us to be forgiven and to be blessed with Your infinite Maghfirah

We have submitted ourselves to You for us to be cleansed our soul, body and mind by Your Rahmah and also during our Umrah and ziarah we have learned more about our prophet Muhammad saw’ and his sacrifices in spreading Your Dheen. Alhamdulillah we are blessed indeed! with Your Rahmah and Maghfirah.

My dear respected readers I would like to bring your attention this wonderful thought and curiosity! How do we know if our Ibadah umrah or haj is Mabrur and Maqbul or accepted by Allah swt. Of course, No one knows except for Allah Ta’ala, whether our ibadahs are accepted or not? Only ALLAH swt knows! He is all Knowing… waLlahu a’lam

However, with His infinite Mercy, certain signs may be manifested within us that our Ibadah Umrah is accepted by ALLAH swt.

We may able to feel the changes within ourselves if our umrah or haj has been accepted or not, the following signs could be taken to consideration that our ibadahs are maqbul In sha Allah, for example :-

•Subconsciously we will be more close to Allah,

•We would want to know more about Allah swt,

•We would feel the presence of Allah swt wherever we go or wherever we may be!

•We will not be doing anyting against Allah’s will or wishes….

•We will obey Allah and His Messenger and will not break their Hukum

•We will be more steadfast in doing our ibadah for Allah swt with Isthiqamah.

•We will definitely have more trust and tawakkal in Allah swt and will feel always that I am in the presence of Allah swt

•We will strive to be more with the sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad ‘saw’…..

•An eagerness is established within us that we will want to know more about his sunnah, his teachings, most importantly, we will want to make him as our role model and follow his adab and akhlaq in our life …..

•The God remembering consciousness leads us to be more enthusiastic to strive to do all our ibadah sincerely and wholeheartedly….

•We will seek asylum In Tawakkal – Allah, to achieve more happiness and become constantly be in remembrance of Allah and shelter with His Asmaul-Husna, enjoying with His infinite bounties…

•SubhanaAllah, the soul – experienced Azan rhythms of Masjidil Haram, which we experienced during our journey in two Haramain, beats our hearts at every five time Solah while we are in our village respectively, which triggers our soul to hurry-up to perform Solah on time unfailingly …….

All these unique signs shows that our IBADAH Umrah is Mabrur and Maqbul, in sha Allah.

Most importantly our own efforts to “reform the self “, that we have worked hard to change ourselves to be a better person, transform ourselves from the person we were before going for the umrah to become a virtuous servant of Allah swt in sha Allah

Reform the self means: If, once before, we do not have any purpose in life, now we found a purpose, which is doing everything for Allah swt

If once before, we read the Al-quran once in a while, now we will strive to read it more often and understand the meaning as well in sha Allah

If, once before, we were careless or have forgetten our responsibilities or accountabilities now we will keep it in perspective of what our responsibilities are….. and thus become a man of responsibility.

If, once before, we were careless or do not practise Islamic adab and akhlaq in our daily life, after returning from umrah or haj we will keep in tow our adab and akhlaq and be more conscious and considerate in ways of speaking, behaving, attitudes, mannerism, and in all our life style in sha Allah….

For the women, if, once before they do not observe and do their hijab, head scarf or Islamic clothing etc, after returning they will strictly obey to Hukum hijab in Islam and intent to become a soliha (righteous woman) in sha Allah.

One of the major signs that our ibadah may be accepted is that we will never repeat our previous sins and may not have any desire to repeat it again….. SubhanaAllah

May Allah make us grow closer to Him so that we can experience and enjoy with the bliss of His presence …….always and constantly as One Day all of us have to return to Allah swt. In sha Allah

From my own humble experience, It is a beautiful and natural progression that, every one of us can enjoy !!! For example, foot steps of a baby according to his/her intention (divinely instilled eagerness in the baby to walk and grow) develops his/her eagerness to achieve his/her goal to walk and grow, not only growing his/her mental eagerness and will but also his/her physical growth and the changes are noticeable.

This eagerness is a progression and it needs to be with “Isthiqamah”, which means consistently and with steadfastness. Hence the established righteousness will be more lasting and will be deep rooted in our soul in sha Allah….

Ya Allah grant us thoufeeq to steadfast on Your Straight Path and be blessed with Your Forgiveness and Redha to be protected from the Hell fire and blessed with Your jannah alFirdause.

Ya Allah, please accept all our ibadah and please make our umrah mabrur and maqbul……Please invite us again to Your sacred land again and again…..Ameeen Ameeeen Ameeeen Ya Rabbil Alameeen


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