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Fasting Is a Sign Of Our Sincere Surrender To Allah swt.

I have fasted since i was seven. Alhamdulilllah. Most of us have been trained to fast since we were young. However what is the true essence of our fasting to our beloved Allah?

Fasting is a very unique Ibadah which is performed between Allah and His servant, it is very confidential.

The sincere fasting is the only ibadah that we are unable to show off or boast about…. sincerely fasting servants of Allah are safe from all such bad attributes of Shaithan.

That is the reason Allah prescribed Ibadah fasting – a very unique secret surrender to Allah, and Allah will reward abundantly for His fasting servants.

Fasting of our soul shows our sincerity towards Allah and our full devotion towards Him.

We are fasting solely to please Allah thus the reward that He gives us depends entirely upon our sincerity towards Him. Only He knows if we are sincere or otherwise.

Ya Allah, only You know what are in our qalb, please accept our sincerity in our ibadah of fasting for You. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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