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Allah Sees And Records Everything

Today, “recording” has became an unavoidable culture that we can see everywhere, whatever people do or practice are recorded or must be shown to others in order to be recognised and approved by people. Thus, people may tend to do many things to get more “likes” in their social media – instagram or facebook.

However many of us seems to forget that even if it is not recorded or seen by others, certainly it will be seen and recorded by Allah swt, Subhana Allah.

Allah, the All Seeing and All Knowing, only He is our ultimate recognition, the One Who Created us will record and judge all our deeds and actions, Subhana Allah!

For us, the believers, we know that Allah is constantly watching and knowing about our actions. If Allah knows what is in our heart, surely He knows our acts which can be seen by others or not. All the more He is all knowing and seeing.

I used to wonder and was surprised by the ulama informing us that on judgement day, whatever we have done in this dunya will be displayed to all and especially to Allah Himself! I often wondered how this could be possible? Looking at our world now, we have very much advanced in science, rapidly developing Information technology and many more unexpected scientific discoveries.

Who gave all these scientific discoveries and advanced technological knowledge and developments to the mankind? Definitely there is no doubt that no one else but the All Knowing, our Creator Almighty Allah swt Himself.

Therefore, we witnessed the power of Allah and His exalt might, only He has the Knowledge and only He knows everything. Man only knows what he have been granted and taught by Almighty Creator ALLAH.

Whatever technological advancement that today human achieved so far is nothing but Allah’s granted mercy. Definitely human knows very little only and ALLAH knows everything, Allahu Akbar!

No matter how small or big our actions, deeds, words, thoughts, right or wrong they maybe; Allah sees everything and records everything. Therefore our thoughts and actions in private and public must be for pleasing Allah and not to please others.

A beautiful example from the life of Sayyidina Umar (r). As a kahlifah, it is his duty to fulfill the justice and amanah, he used to disguise and wander the streets of his country to find out the situations of his people during the darkness of the nights, it is because he witnessed that Allah swt sees him and also he believes that Allah knows about his secret and public life.

Allahu akbar! May Allah swt grant all of us strong Iman to fear Allah in our secret and public life.

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