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When Our Target is Akhirah, Dunya Will Be Provided

Once I met an old school friend of mine, during our conversation he asked for some spiritual guidance, as he had suffered with financial problems and had to go through with it for many years.

He told me that he had good connections, many people whom he could approach for financial assistance.

However, it just does not seem to bring him any luck, he tried by many ways, through his available contacts and connections, nothing had been successful. 

So the only spiritual guidance that i could give him was

1. Build a relationship with Allah through dua’ and solah

2. Strengthen your compassionate relationship with other humans through your words, time and zakah, Allah will not abandon you in sha Allah.

3. All the human connections are subject to the limitations but our sincere connection with Allah will remain for ever. Have a strong connection with Allah.

4. Reset our mind towards Allah, all the help must come from Allah. So trust in Allah swt. ikhtiar, hope and dua’  for His help.

5. Every doors will be opened in dunia for us with Allah’s mercy, provided everything we do must be for Allah. Then our dunia  and akhirat will be successful together.

6. Make sure that the intention for the finances are for halal resources, and beg for Allah’s help.

7. Always keep the intention ikhlas meaning everything will be done as intended or as promised earlier before getting the finances

8. Look deeply into ourselves and find out where we have made a mistake before

9. Always Redha with Allah’s will

10. Always be patient with Allah’s taqdir (decree)

11. Always think positive of Allah

12. Let go of dunya and concerntrate on Allah’s Redha, thus transform dunia for the sake of Allah, that means enjoyments (Hasanah) of dunia is a deposit for akhirat

13. Always have Istiqamah. Consciously, consistently focus and concerntrate on Allah.

14. Have faith and trust in Allah that He will restore everything.

15. Know and understand that all our worldly possessions belong to Allah. It is merely given to us as an Amanah.

16. Our given Amanah must be utilized according to Allah’s wish.

17. Our life is Ibadah, transform our life just to utilize the amanah on earth. One Question Whispers ??? Is our life for us to ibadah or otherwise?

18. No matter what the situation maybe, always be thankful to Allah

19. Perform solah thoubah and ask Allah for forgiveness

Surely Allah is All Knowing thus if our intention is for otherwise, He will know and delay the amanah until we have purely intended it only for Him.

Allahu a’lam, may Allah forgive me! I could only share with him the above mentioned spiritual highlights and guidance. May Allah swt forgive all of and guide all of us. Ameeen ameeen ameeen ya Allah.

Unfortunately many people forget about akhirah through the mesmerizing decorations of dunia …..NaoozubiLlah some time this may keep their hearts away from Allah and the Day of judgement.

When a person keep prosperous of akhirah in his heart for the sake of Allah… then dunia and its victories will come to him without his imagination.

If we work for only dunya, we will be greedy, forgetting that we cannot take it back when we go back to Allah

Just like the story of Abdur Rahman bin Auf (r) ….. he was one of the richest sahabah of our beloved Nabi Muhammad’s (saw), he was very rich, once he cried to prophet (saw) because of his richness and property. He was worried that more richness he achieved will bring more Amanah, with more responsibility and accountability. This is the example of Allah’s noble servants. Their intention had always been to please Allah, because they are consciously aware that whatever they have all are given by Allah, Subhana Allah.

Ya Allah, we beg You to grant all of us thoufeeq to win with Your Redha in our dunia and akhirath. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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