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Nothing Belongs to Us Except Our Righteous Deeds

Only Our Righteous Deeds Belongs to Us! What we have done for the sake of Allah will be given back to us! Only That Is Ours And Nothing Else. Subhana Allah.

What can we bring back when we return back to our Allah? I am constantly reminded of this fact. We all know that everything belongs to Allah, so what are the things that belongs for ourselves? Nothing except what Allah gives us out of His mercy.

So what are the things that is guaranteed “ours alone” and what are the things that we are able to take back with us when we return to Allah?

Apart from all our ibadah for Allah …..among our righteous deeds there are three specific things confirmed to be “ours even after our death” which will not be disconnected by our death  and would be our “fixed deposit” for akhirat as promised by our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw).

• soleh or pious children who can make dua for us constantly and consistently.
• our sadaqah jariah or charity that is given sincerely, even after our death it is continuously beneficial for others.
• benefitial knowledge of dunya and akhirah which we have taught others or showered on others.

Certain questions that always whisper in mind :

• Until Today what i have done for my Allah?
• Before I go to my sleep Have i done enough for my Allah today?
• How would be my situation  when i meet my Allah?
• Do i have sufficient righteous deeds to submit to my Allah in my Barzakh?
• Is my daily ibadah for my Allah is sufficient? Do i need to do more?
• How can i do more righteous things in my life before my return to Allah?

As a human with full of my weaknesses and limitations, will always face failures in my submissions to Allah, so i am afraid that i may have only little to bring back to eternal Home, AsthaghfiruLlah.

My strength to go through with this life on earth as khalifa is nothing but my unshaken trust in Allah’s Rahmah and longing for my Allah’s Maghfirah, Afwun and protection, HasbunaLlah.

In my day-to-day life, i am not sure that, what i have managed to do in
“a day” that will be accepted by Allah swt.

All  i know that i am always not satisfied with what I have done for my Allah as a deposit for my akhirat, because of my own weakness ….within my limitations as a human, ya Allah forgive me and all my respected readers here.

Iam begging my Allah for more thoufeeq and opportunities to do more righteous deeds to please my Allah swt.

Our niyyah or our intention is the fandamental of our Ibadah and all our doings … is the utmost important fact in everything that we do.

Ya Allah, we beg You to forgive all of us for all our weakness and sins in this life

Ya Allah we beg You to grant all of us more thoufeeq to submit to You and to serve for Your Dheen

Ya Allah forgive all of us and accept our tiny ibadah that we have submitted for You as we do not have anything else to carry to You when we return to You. Ameen ameen ameen ya Allah.

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