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Through Our Dua’ Allah Changes Our Fate!

The fate of our lives may have already be written for us but there is a given Rahmah of Allah – an act that could change our fate (decree of Allah swt.) that is OUR SUPPLICATIONS TO ALLAH.

Through our supplications Allah changes a predestined fate to a better decree which we are begging for …..

How does this happens?

•our supplication brings us closer to Allah.

•Allah loves to listens to those who are constantly supplicating to Him.

•Allah changes the fate of a person when he begs for a better situation thus his predestined fate gets changed to a better one. In sha Allah.

•  Allah changes a person’s fate by many ways only Allah knows how it happens! Sometimes Allah may send His angels or any other makhluq to protect or to fulfill his hajat or to change his situations.

•  Allah loves those who call upon Him during the times of ease and difficulties.

• when a servant sincerely beg for Allah’s help Allah listens to his supplication, He will send down His Rahmah and Mercy through His unique ways and changes the person’s situation and he gets a solution for his problems.

May Allah listen to our supplications to Him and change our fate to be a better situation in all our matters. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

May Allah forgive us and grant all our supplications. Ameeen ameeern ameeeen Ya Allah.

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