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Who Is Iblis (Shaithan)?

We all know who is our beloved All Merciful Allah swt is!
Our beloved Allah is Almighty, Creator, One and Only, Truth, Justice and Perfection.

Who is Iblis and Shaithan?  Iblis is a makhluq created by fire, he is from jinn, at the beginning Allah swt bestowed him the similar rank as angels. However when he disobeyed Allah swt, Allah swt cursed him, because of his rebellious disobedience to Allah.

Shaithan is cursed by Allah. There are two types

1. Shaithan is descendants of Iblis and created by fire. They strictly follow Iblis and do everything as Iblis. Shaithan is the one who obey Iblis, inherited the character of Iblis and follow Iblis, always in deviation, and firmly stand against Allah, our Nabi and Islam.

2. Those who follow the direct descendants (Shaithan) of Iblis, that is the team of Iblis from jinn, and those humans who follow Iblis and Shaithan, they all are cursed, dirty, deviated themselves and deviate others from the staright path.

Allah swt created Adam (a) and ordered all the makhluq to honor and sujud to Adam (as). Every other makhluq obeyed Allah swt and honored and sujud to Adam except Iblis.

Iblis acted proud with his thakabbur (arrogance) and denied Allah’s order and did not honor and sujud to Adam (as). Allah swt cursed him and ousted him from jannah.

Iblis became very angry because of Adam (as). Allah cursed him and because of that reason he had to be out from Jannah, since then he became the enemy of all Insan.
Iblis promised to take revenge against Adam (as) and his children.

Iblis is completely unhappy to see the children of Adam (as) on the right path, he begged Allah swt  permission to deviate the mankind, his supplication was granted but with condition that he even can not touch those servants of Allah who are sincere in their faith in Allah and those who keep their steadfastness in Islam.

These are some of the characters of Iblis and Shaithan.

• Always disobey ALLAH and His messenger
• Always against the noble alQuran
• Always against Nabi Muhammad (saw) and against his sunnah
• Always earn Haram, consume Haram and do haram things
• Always heedless of Allah’s decrees
• Always keeping away from prescribed Ibadahs
• Always against true believers
• Always accompanied with bad people.
• Always against Islam and shariah
• Always urge others to do bad things.
• Always selfish
• Always with bad companions and bad places
• Always do falsehood and supporting them
• Always tell lies and untruth
• Always in was was-feeling and in uncertainty
• Hypocrite and supports hypocrisy
• Greedy and unsatisfied always
• Proud and rebellious
• Insecure and unstable (kept away from Tawakkal in Allah)
• Anger and enmity
• Jealousy and envy
• Many more bad things ……

Hence every believers must be aware and conscious from such shaithanic actions! Muslims must recognize ourselves …if we have any of these unwanted tiny shaithanic characters we must do Taubah, stop and beg for Allah’s forgiveness and seek His protection from Iblis and Shaithan

Ya Allah we beg for Your protection from all kinds of shaithanic disturbances and their interference / influence in our life

Ya Allah steadfast all of us on Your straight path

Ameen ameen ameen ya Allah

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