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Faraid – The Fairness in Islamic Inheritance Law.

Wealth is a trial, we must win it over with Allah’s given laws.

Islam regards wealth as a Ni’mah-Means of human satisfaction in his endeavour to attain victory or prosperity that leads to a good life in this dunia and hereafter with Allah’s Redha.

Islam is a comprehensive religion which teaches us how to live our lives according to the given direction prescribed for us by the Creator in His noble al-Quranul Kareem

Thus, it also teaches us about Faraid which is the Finance of wealth distribution in the Islamic Inheritance perspective.

What is Faraid?

Faraid is a technique or ways to divide inherited wealth within a family. “Faraid is a concept in Islamic Law, which determines the distribution of a deceased’s property to heirs in portions as set out in Al-Quran, As-Sunnah, ‘Ijma and Qiyas

Allah swt has even taught us how to divide our wealth and finances in the noble al -Quran, SubhanaLlah.

Why doed Allah swt. need to teach us Faraid laws? What is the reason behind it? As we have been created weak with tendency to become sinners!

No doubt that wealth is a trial! Wealth in dunia is something everybody wants and for some need to have in order to survive in this materialistic dunya….. however, wealth can be used for good or evil.

When it is not divided equally or according to the prescribed law of distribution, greed will take over and shaithan will be giving the direction of the distribution of inherited wealth according to shaithanic law, NauzubiLlahi min zalika.

We all know, if the deviated shaitan takes over human hearts, there will be greed and eventually end up with unhappy partitions and it will creat animosity in a family easily, NauzubiLlahi min zalik.

When wealth is used for good and divided in the correct manner according to the laws of Allah, it will be an intercession (shafaa’) which would lead us to Jannah. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah

However, if it is used for evil or haraam purposes, it will bring us to Jahannam, NauzubiLlahi min zalik.

Hence, The Faraid sytem – if we follow to the latter will bring us to Jannah because everyone will get their fair share according to their status which will give a sense of harmony in the family.

Why do i say so?

If it was given unfairly, there will be unhappy parties in the family thus ending in disputes and hatred. Islam does not like disputes which then will lead to Jahannam. NauzubiLlahi min zalika.

Ya Allah, please forgive us for the tiniest speck of hasad in accquiring inherited wealth.

Ya Allah please let us accquire the beneficial knowledge of Fairness in the Faraid wealth inheritance distribution. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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