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Status Of A Mother In Islam And Her Supplications

Allah has blessed this year again with mothers day for our dear mothers, in the month of sacred Ramadhan al Kareem. Allahu akbar.

Last year i wrote about our dear mothers, this year i am writing about being a mother ourselves. Becoming a mother is not about a status but it goes beyond that because we carry the heaviest burden in making sure Allah’s amanah is fulfilled and to be blessed with thoufeeq to obey Allah’s hukum in leading our children to be guided with Allah’s ways, grateful and grounded people always on a path for Allah.

I am thankful to Allah that i am a mother of 4 only …….my biggest job and “amanah” or responsibility is to make sure that they grow up to be not only guided but positive, productive, become people of jannatul firdause and constantly to be on the straight path. In sha Allah. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah!

To shoulder the amanah of a mother and raising children in this era is one of the most challenging tasks especially in this day-era of globalization! However, this can only be achieved with proper guidance and with spiritual knowledge of a mother.

To be a mother in this era needs courage and mental stability as well. I have seen many cases when the mothers faces certain psychological issues unknowingly, which they tend to transfer those issues unintentionally to their children. Sometimes, due to these factors – the children will grow unstable themselves too nauzubillahi minzalika, unless they are guided properly, in sha Allah. Thus, as mothers too need “spiritual guidance” and a strong “spiritual knowledge” to lead the children in these trying and technological era. SubhanAllah.

Another ultimate task of parents (mother and father) is to guide our children for them to become the Khalifa on earth – in this world, as responsible people when we are no longer with them. Years ago, I have read somewhere that parents “especially mothers” (as mothers are closest to their children) should be a guide to them so when they step into the world, they know how to handle certain situations that has been thrown at them.

Another constant job that mothers have to do is to make supplication for their children all the time, constantly and consistently. Allahu Akbar. As a mother’s supplication goes straight to Allah and will be granted imediately especially during the sacred months of Ramadhan and Syawal in sha Allah……

I can tell you that being a mother is the hardest job ever as it requires 24 hours non-stop work. The 24 hours part is not only to cook and care for them but this is when most mothers will supplicate for their children continuously for their protection and ease in dunya and akhirah. Thus Nabi Muhamnad (saw) said that “jannah lies underneath the mother’s feet”. Allahu Akbar!

The reason, i am glad that, i have only 4 children, is because each child needs different specific supplication specifically for them.

While we make supplications for a  son; it is insufficient with the dua’ for a daughter and vice versa as each gender needs different things…. similarly a child who is already working cannot have the same supplication as a child in the first grader…. so i find this is a unique task of a mother.

I am so much blessed that my beloved mother who is still continuously doing the same for her children until today. Alhamdulillah.

Ya Allah we beg You to prolong her life with the best of health, sihat and afiah. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah!

However, having said all the above, the most essential dua’ of a mother for her beloved children is for them to be:

• soleh children for dunya and akhirah

• on the straight path always

• steadfast on true aqeedah and accept six pillars of Iman consciously with the guidance of the noble Al-Quran

• responsible children for their salvation in dunya and akhirah.

• performing their solah on time and  will never miss their solah

• those who establish regular five times Solah

• among those who perform the five pillars of Islam with consistancy

• unfailingly adhering to Allah’s law and guidance

• married to someone who will be pleasing to their eyes, ease for them in dunya and akhirah and who will hold each other to go to jannah as they will be the next khalifa to walk this earth in sha Allah.

Most crucial or the most important among all these TASKS is that, the mothers need to be very sincere and honest in discharging all the entrusted duties on them by shariah….. as we will indefinately be questioned by Allah on the day of Judgement, how we have managed and given the best education in taking care of Allah’s “amanah”. Subhana Allah.

Ya Allah, in this sacred months of Ramadhan and Syawal we beg You to maqbul all our dua’s and supplications for all our children, grant us thoufeeq to obey You and Your beloved Nabi (saw), sincerity in raising our children for them to be on the straight path, strictly within on Your guidance always. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.


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