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Good Adaab, Akhlaq & Character – Essential In Spreading Islam

Islam is based on having good akhlaq and good character. What is the importance having good akhlaq and good character? Why Islam stands for good Akhlaq?

In my previous article, “Beauty of Islam”, which explains that Islam is not about forcing others to accept Islam but rather to convey and to educate others about the beauty of Islam.

Islam is a Dheen of true Akhlaq which stands for universal love, mercy and justice. Islam and its truth must be studied and understood through learning of the “truth”. To find more about the beauty of Islam it is necessary to study the glorious al-Qura’an and the Akhlaq of Allah’s beloved Muhammad (saw).

Those who studied the glorious al-Quran and the noble akhlaq of beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) properly, they could easily find the “clear proofs” and subsequently they accept Islam voluntarily.

Islam emphasizes on Akhlaq as knowledge alone doesn’t make perfection. A knowledgeable man without good akhlaq has zero values….. So what is good character?

From the seerah of our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw), we have studied that, how he had spread Islam. Our beloved Nabi ( saw) never spread Islam through force but he spread Islam through his adab and akhlaq. The essence of Islam is Good Akhlaq that is to Allah swt and to the mankind – surroundings.

Our beloved Nabi (saw) taught the world “the true essence of Islam” through his noble akhlaq for example he taught a beautiful akhlaq that is to forgive others even when they had killed his beloved uncle Hamza (as) in the Battle of Uhud.

At many situations, our beloved Nabi (saw) forgave his enemies who cruelly attacked and disturbed him, he never showed anger to those who had caused injury or harm to him.

When his enemies realized that Prophet (saw) is a man of love and compassion, he showers his compassion even more on his enemies, this unique adab and akhlaq of our beloved Nabi (saw) attracted those enemies to declare the shahadah, believing in Allah  and Nabi Muhammad (saw) as Allah’s messenger, they became Muslims.

Subhana Allah. How beautiful is the religion of Islam and the Akhlaq of Nabi Muhammad (saw).

Ya Allah we beg You to grant us with good adaab, akhlaq and good character.

Ya Allah we beg You to bless all of us with good Akhlaq so we can show to the world that is Islam is a religion of Love and Mercy.

Ya Allah grant us thoufeeq to lead our life with good Akhlaq to erase the hatred from our hearts and to create more kinship and love among brothers and sisters in Islam. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.


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