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Only For ALLAH Our Beginning And Our Ending

For us Allah is the first and Allah will be the last.

Upon waking up, Allah must be the first in our thoughts. Before retiring for the night, Allah must be the last in our mind. SubhanAllah

Allah has no beginning and Allah has no ending. Allah created nabi Adam (as), and the mankind. Allah has no time, only He is beyond the limit of time, He existed in His own Existence before He created the universe and everything.

He created all everything and He will destroy all and everything when He wishes, the entire universe and everything will have to face an end, but Allah will remain in His own existence. For Allah has no beginning and no ending, So He is al -Awwalu wal-Aakhiru. Allahu Akbar.

Ya Allah, we beg You to steadfast our heart in Your remembrance at the beginning and the last of our life. Ameen ameen ameen. Ya Allah.

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