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Alone, We Will Be By Ourselves When We Meet Allah

Ya Allah I beg for Your forgiveness and for Your Rahmah, ya Allah we are weak and we do not know anything except tiny knowledge that we have studied or understood out of Your infinite Mercy, Shukoor to You ya Allah.

By Allah’s Hikmah, out of His Rahmah, Allahu akbar this pandemic has brought to my poor heart many realizations and in depth understanding regarding our life and death.

The reason for this pandemic is only known to Allah and it has its own hikmah…. I do not know anything only Allah Knows! But as a poor slave of Allah, an insan living in this end of the era or akhiruzaman, this is what i see, “no matter where we are, we will be alone when we are finally called to meet You, our Creator!”

Those who have died with the covid-19 infection, NauzubiLlahi minzalika will be buried unaccompanied by family members due to the strict SOP. They will be buried by strangers who will be reading their last rites…. even their death is alone because family members are not able to be by their side to recite words of comfort or dua’ and supplications to Allah to them during the last breaths and moments. Allahu Akbar.

In my mind’s eye (inner-sight), Allah swt. is showing us, that this loneliness and its situations, through the wisdom of our jamaah prayers.

Before covid-19, we were able to stand close next to each other in saf. But now with the strict SOP, to perform solah jamaah is to stand within one meter apart or more, what a reality.

Thus, symbolising our loneliness, our return to our eternal abode from this dunya, which will be our graves…. we would be buried meters apart from the others, no one will be with us in our graves. We will meet our Creator Alone! Subhana Allah.

Hence Allah is reminding me and all of us, especially; that we would be alone when the time comes to meet our beloved Allah. Only our deeds will accompany us. La hawla wala quwwata illa billah.

Ya Allah, we beg You to forgive all of us, all our wrong doings seen or unseen, visible or invisible to the naked eyes. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

Ya Allah grant us thoufeeq for all us to be prepared to meet You individually with the accepted deeds when the time comes, with Your Redha.

Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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