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The Inner Joys Of Fasting

When we love someone with all our heart we tend to have an eagerness to give our best and please them by all means…..

We tend to show and deliver them the best, through all the available positive qualities, abstaining from all the negative characters or weaknesses if any…. this is just to please them by all means!

This is especially so when we have fallen in love with Allah. We would strive and struggle only to please Him by all measures. Hence, Ramadhan is the chosen sacred month to establish the true relationship with Allah swt; showing our true love – sacrificing to our beloved Allah, presenting all of our best qualities and our humble submission – sacrifice to our beloved Creator.

Only those who have achieved taqwa will truly understand the essence of Ramadhan, understand the joy of breaking fast and subsequently the joy of having fasted. It is simply a victory of winning a battle over oneself (Greater Jihad : Struggling Against The Evil In Oneself) and obeying Allah and His decrees only to please Allah, and thus having the joy of feeling Allah’s pleasure after having done so.

The joys of completing our ibadah for the day and the enjoyment of getting closer with “feeling the presence of Allah” when we have succeded in achieving something that had been difficult to do – which is not to succumb to our deepest desires or nafs. Allahu Akbar.

Ya Allah, we beg You to accept our fasting and grant Your redha in our journey to You. Ameen Ameen Ameen Ya Allah.

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