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Life Has To Be Balanced

Why do we need balance in our life? Without balance in our life, there would be no harmony.

Allah swt created balance so that there is a harmony in our life. If we fail to adhere to the balance which Allah swt established we would become transgressors.

Looking at our situation right now, in this pandemic covid 19, why we have to go through this second lockdown? when it seemed to be lessening. Allahu Akbar.

Allah swt established balance and warned us not to break it. The secret behind Allah’s given balance is for us to achieve victory in both spiritual closeness with Allah through Ibadah and economical prosperity through hard work in this world.

The true balance in our life only could be achieved when we are on a straight path, that has already been outlined in our noble book of Al-Quran. Achieving economical prosperity without the benefit
of the akhirah is not a victory but it is an ultimate failure.

The successful and balanced economy is achieved when it is done justly without deceiving others or causing destruction or oppression towards unfortunate people.

We afraid that the reason why Allah swt created this pandemic covid 19, could be a lesson that the mankind should return to the straight path and must not break the balance which Allah swt established in this world.

For example, fish seems to be more breeding during our first lockdown periods as we have been over fishing before that just to earn more without thinking that over fishing through fish bombing, illegal fishing and other destructive measures could cause wastage and lack of fish in the seas instead. A clear extravagant and breaking the law of nature which Allah swt established.

The same example may be applied to our life if we live in this world without adhere to the balance which Allah swt established. Thus the need to have a balanced mentality of both, our akhirat and also our economical prosperity, both are done just to please Allah swt. Just don’t break the laws of our Creator.

From this pandemic outbreak and its challenges we must learn a lesson, not ignoring that all these are a clear warning from Allah swt…. yet we are still not taking heed from the previous episodes….. we are still doing the same destruction and so we may have to face more inevitable lockdowns and serious restrictions in the coming days. NaoozubilLah min zalik

Ya Allah we beg for Your infinite mercy O our dear Allah please forgive all our wrongdoings and please restore balance in our lives and we beg You to uplift the covid-19 pandemic from our lives forever. Ameen Ameen Ameen Ya Allah!

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