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Depend On Allah Only During Depression

If our mind is not connected to Allah, circumstances may lead our mind to depression!

Due to the wide spread of covid-19 pandemic all over the world recently, we have been hearing sad news of many suicidal and self-harming cases.

Most of the causes are probably due to the deep depression because of the economic crisis such as loss of work, loss of income, loss of someone they love, fear of getting infected by covid-19 itself. Nauzubillahi min zalik.

All of these crises can somehow lead to unexpected mental imbalances and such factors can lead to depression, loss of normal and balanced mind, Nauzubillahi min zalik.

Our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) prescribed for us a special Du’a for our protection from all kinds of contagious pandemic. The Du’a is not only for protection from the pandemic but also protection from being mentally supressed or depressed as our Nabi Muhammad (saw) also warned us that the cause of imbalance in livelihood could also trigger mental illness in mankind. Allahu Akbar.

About a few months ago, i was telling my children that most of the prophets of Allah were also given similar situations during their life. For example Nabi Ayyub (as) was given the test to loose his health, then the loss of his wealth, loss of his children and his beloved family members. La hawla wala Quwwatha illa BiLlah.

Syaitan had whispered to him to ask Allah to grant all things that was taken back by Allah to be restored as before. He did not heed the syaitan’s whispers because he knew whatever good or bad were given to him was given by Allah out of His wish, so never willed against the wish of His beloved Allah.

In every happenings or favors of Allah there is a reason why Allah gave such bounties, favors or tribulations. Allah has made a good thing (Hikmah) in each and every favors or bounties or tribulations for His servants. Only the pious servants of Allah accepts wholeheartedly every decrees of Allah.

Nabi Ayyub (as) had accepted Allah’s taqdir (fate) happily, and was even thankful to Allah for whatever that Allah had bestowed upon him, all that he had received from Allah and whatever tribulations that he had to go through.

As a prophet of Allah, of course he had strong faith in Allah, he did not fall into depression, in fact all those tribulations caused him to become more closer to Allah.

Although he was one of the chosen and beloved prophets of Allah, still he could have gone into deep despair due to such painful tribulations…… he was also a human just like all of us with many weaknesses, but through his strong faith, believe and trust in Allah, he was very strong mentally in fighting off syaitan’s whispers.

With the strong faith in Allah, Nabi Ayyub (as) was able to control his mental state at that time, stayed calm with his unshaken patience, constantly begged for Allah’s mercy, forgiveness and accepted everything voluntarily….. just to be blessed with Allah’s Redha.

Finally, Nabi Ayyub (as) won with greatest victory, Allah became happy of his servant Ayyub’s patience and Allah restored everything to the way it was before, SubhanalLah.

No doubt as humans every one of us are afraid and would definately feel the tension for this pandemic and vicious virus. Everyone of us will definately be tested to the brink so we will always be in remembrance of Allah all the time.

I was also affected with this bout of covid-19. Allahu Akbar. Recently, when my daughter was admitted in the hospital, with the severe tension of not knowing what kind of infection that caused her to have a high fever. (Thank you Allah for protecting her and all of us from covid-19). She had been admitted as her fever was not receding with initial medications. Subhana Allah.

With the spread of Covid 19 we constantly need to be on the look out and be extra vigilant everywhere as we are  not able to visit the hospital like before on normal days. That had been tripple stressful for me, SubhanAllah.

There was nothing much that i could do except always remember Allah, Connect And Communicate Our Concerns To Allah, Our Creator and begging for His help and shifa for my daughter, trust and tawakkal in Allah begging for His mercy and forgiveness. Our weapon is only our sincere dua’ to our Creator the All Merciful and All Compassionate Allah swt. BizniLlah.

We hope for His help and Protection. Ya Allah swt please hear our cry and please granted shifa to my daughter. Ameeen ameeen ameen Ya Allah.

Thus, it is important for us to take a lesson in the ways of Nabi Ayyub (as) so we do not fall into despair and depression. 

A constant reminder for me and for all my dear brothers and sisters that we all must return to Allah for His help in all our situations.

Our strong Faith, Iman, Tawakkal and Trust in Allah certainly strengthen our mind and Always Have A Positive Mind Towards Allah with a positive energy, thus our mental stage will lead us to have a strong mind to face any kinds of tribulations.

Eventually we all transform to good servants of Allah with strong Iman, Insha Allah.

Ya Allah we beg You to forgive all of us for all our uncountable sins that we have committed and we also beg You to bring down mercy upon us and do not to punish us for our sins.

Ya Allah we beg You to grant all of us strong and healthy steadfastness of mind to face all the situations which You decreed, and to win with the greatest victory.

Ya Allah we beg You for Your forgiveness and also we beg You to not to impose on us burdens those we can not bear with.

Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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