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Times When And Where Our Supplications Are Answered

Don’t you wonder when and where is the best time to send our supplications to Allah? I always do of course.

Thus, Allah has given us specific times or days and specific places for us to supplicate and prosterate before Him.

So when and where are the best time and place to call upon our Creator so He will grant our supplications….


•  Now, during this covid-19 pandemic is the best time, as a heavy musibah is falling upon us and many deaths are surrounding us is a good time to prosterate before our Creator begging for thoubah and for forgiveness (many angels of Allah descend on earth to hear our supplications, they are appointed by Allah swt for particular reasons). Or anytime when we are faced with a certain musibah.

There are many other specific and important times where our Du’as are accepted, some of them are:

• While in prosteration to Allah swt
• Between adhan and iqamah
• After each obligatory solah
• After reciting the Noble al-Quran
• When we are listening to the noble al-Quran
• After solawat and salam on our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw)
• During solah tahajjud – (predawn) prayer
• During the last 1/3 of the night
• During predawn meal (sahur) in the sacred month of Ramadhan
• During breaking our fast (iftar)
• In the sacred month of Ramadhan
• The sacred night of lailatul Qadr
• Whilst giving sadaqah (giving charity)
• Whilst helping others when they are in need (for the sake of Allah)
• While visiting the sick
• When we are not feeling well.
• When we are in Jihad – battling / defending for the right cause (for Allah swt)
• When we have been victimised or made to be a victim in an unjust situation (dua’ of a Mazdloom)
• On specific times of Friday
• Between two khutubah of Friday
• When rain falls
• Dua’ of a Musafir – during our travels for the cause of Allah
• Dua’ when we serve our parents
• Whilst drinking zam-zam water
• On the day of arafah anywhere in the world


• During Thawaf in Makkah
• In front of Multazam in Makkah
• In front of Maqam Ibrahim In Makkah
• In Raudha Shareef of Masjid Annabawi Madinah Munawarah
• On the Plains of arafah In Makkah
• Whilst  doing the ibadah – manasik or Haj and Umrah in Makkah
• Whilst throwing the jamrah stones during ibadah haj in Makkah

Ya Allah, we beg You to bring down Your Rahmah upon us, please accept our thoubah and grant our supplications. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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