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Our Heartfelt Duas For Our Mothers In This Blessed Month

According to practice, May is generally considered as the month for mothers. Mother’s day are also celebrated in this month all over the world. As it so happens, this month is also our (sibling of 4) beloved mother’s birthday, Allahamdulillah. Our beloved mother is 79 this year, Tabaraka Allah.

Thank You our dear ALLAH for giving us such loving and lovely parents, both our beloved father and mother are our heavenly bestowed gifts, Alhamdulillah shukoor to You ya Allah.

Allah swt has granted us a beloved mother, she stands as a symbol of Love which is ever shining. With her compassionate smiles and as some one who cares much for others as well; she has taught us what is humility, kindness and compassion is…….. Most importantly she has taught us about Islam, adab and akhlaq, she has taught us the steps of life and everything that it entails…… It is with her tremendous guidance which strengthened us to be able to go through the challenges of life, especially to be calm and courageous in all our movements.

Our beloved mother taught us Iman and Taqwah, she instilled in our hearts the strength of Tawakkal in Allah. With her unshaken strength of Iman and with its guidance we were brought up to have inherited such quality whereby we feel strong enough to face whatever calamities or problems in our way……. Alhamdulillah we are protected with Allah’s infinite mercy and protection, of course it is because of our mother’s blessed Dua, Alhamdulillah.

No children are qualified to submit their thankfulness to their mothers in return for what their mothers have done for them, we are also not qualified or unable to return our gratitude to our beloved mother for what she has bestowed upon us, only Allah swt can reward her.

Ya Allah we humbly submit our heartfelt syukur to You for Your greatest favour on us for granting us our beloved mother. Alhamdulilllah and Tabaraka Allah.

As a tradition or customary practice for many others, many of them would usually buy cards or gifts for their mothers as a token that they love their mothers. I am unlike the others….. i would rather send our mother, duas or supplication or any acts of righteousness to Allah swt on her behalf instead. A dua and any righteous act of charity would definately reach Allah swt without a doubt… in sha Allah especially during this blessed and sacred month of Ramadhan! A gift of Jannatul Firdause would be better than any worldly gifts, don’t you think? In sha Allah…

Mother’s day or mother’s day – month, this year also coincidentally falls in the sacred month of Ramadhan, a month of mercy, forgiveness and protection from the fires of Jahannam. May Allah grant all these bounties to our beloved mothers; through them Allah swt granted us life and through them we studied what is life. Alhamdulilllah…..

I would like to dedicate this blog to all the beloved mothers in the world, especially to our beloved mummy……..

I extent my sincere Dua for all the beloved mothers who are still with us, may Allah swt grant all of them good health, long life, strong faith in Allah swt and a very prosperous cheerful life ahead. This dua also goes to both my mother-in-laws…..

For the beloved mothers who have already have met their Creator, may Allah swt grant them Jannatul Firdause and be included among the righteous servants of Allah swt. Ameeeen

May Allah accept all our duas for our mothers in this blessed month in sha Allah.

O our Dearest Beloved Mummy, this is our gift to you always….. we Love you so much O our dear Mummy.

Dear Allah,
• We beg You with Your infinite Mercy to grant our beloved mother a long life with sihat and wal’afiah and shifa and cure for all her illness as You are the only curer and healer ya Shafi ya Allah
• We beg You with Your infinite Mercy to shower Your mercy and protection on our beloved mother, as You are Ever Merciful and Protector
• We beg You with Your infinite Mercy to forgive our beloved mother for all her major or minor sins that happened in her life knowingly or unknowingly, as You are All Forgiving.
• We beg You with Your infinite Mercy to grant our beloved mother jannah al Firdause and protect her from the fires of Jahannam, as You are the best Protector and most Merciful
• We beg You with Your infinite Mercy to grant our beloved mother all our Dua and good wishes for her, as You are the Granter of all wishes, duas and supplications…
Ameeen ameeen ameeen Ya
Rabbal Alameeen…..


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