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Only Allah’s Guidance is Perfect

In our life, do we feel lost or unguided at times? I am certain of it! Every one of us feel that in our life often except those who are specially protected and guided by Allah swt. This is because shaithan  is trying constantly to deviate humans from the straight path, Nauzubillahi min zalik.

The only ways to not to be lost in our life and to be protected and guided from shaithanic disturbances is “Return” to the true Islamic guidance such as:

1. Constantly be with alQuran and Assunnah;  search for the truth under the guidance proper ulama in Islam. The only way to be guided is to have a better understanding of the truth from the noble Al-Quran and Assunnah
2. With the guidance of Allah Who Created us, follow the instinct of our inner conscience of knowing what is wrong and what is right, differentiate between right and wrong, abstain from the wrong and  follow the right, which we all have been born with.
3. Be always with righteous people and follow the life styles of true believers
4. Feeling of empathy towards others, assisting them for the sake of Allah by whatever possible ways within your means.
5. Must belief and feel that there are good things and bad things in this world, must abstain from things which are prohibited by our Dheen.
6. Increase in doing good deeds. By doing more good deeds for the sake of Allah, our qalb will be cleansed. When the Qalb is cleansed from impurities Allah’s light will be able to get through our qalb and with that light we are always guided and will be achieved steadfastness on staright path. InshaAllah.
7. Increase our frequency in asking Allah for forgiveness, by doing this Allah’s mercy will be showered  eventually, and will be guided to straight path, BiizniLlah.

Hence, when we realize all these realities consciously, and bring in practice sincerely for the sake of Allah then only Allah will give us guidance towards the straight path.

Ya Allah, we beg You to accept our Tauabah and grant us Your Mercy and Forgiveness.
Ya Allah  we beg You to guide us towards Your light and
streadfast us on Your Dheen

Ameen ameeen ameeen Ya Allah.

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