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The Beauty of Islam

When i was growing up, i remembered that many of my religious educators did not tend to talk about the most important part of Islam “that is beautiful”.

This is the uniqueness of Islam – its Beauty, this is the most blissful experience we enjoy during the remembrance of Allah, SubhanaLlah…what a beautiful experience when we start to remember Allah swt ..zikruLlah.

Our teachers often forget to tell us about Allah’s mercy towards us especially when we are sincerely doing our ibadah and asking for thaubah from Him.

Allah swt has promised us His Mercy and His Forgiveness repeatedly in the noble alQuran, if we regret and do thaubah.

Instead most of our teachers often talk about Allah’s punishment and burning in hell etc…

Allah swt never intent to punish any of His servants that’s why He send to us His Prophets and Messengers with perfect guidance.

Thus there are many people do not aware the beauty of Islam. At present time, mostly, many people misunderstood about Islam, as now, Islam is not being spread in its perfect identity.

Islam is a flawless way of life given by our Creator for us to achieve a perfect life in this world and after death. Islam is Love and happiness.

Islam and its teachings are intellectual perfection and Islam is a free of choice based on truth, so there are no duress in accepting Islam, after knowing and understanding Islam whoever loves the truth voluntarily can accept this faith.

Most people misunderstood that Islam is spread by force it is ultimately not true. Forceful conversion to Islam is a crime and punishable whoever force others to convert to Islam. First of all Islam is truth and it is open book. Everyone one can study it and accept it voluntarily or reject it voluntarily. Who will reject the truth?
NauzubiLlahi min zalik.

Islam is not about forcing people but about making people feel the presence of a Merciful Allah and feel the bliss through the remembrance of Loving Allah. Allahu Akbar.

Ya Allah, we beg for Your forgiveness and we beg for Your mercy to grant us thoufeeq to understand more about Your Dheen

Ya Allah grant us more thoufeeq to understand more about Islam and to be blissed with the beauty of Your Dheenul Islam.

Ya Allah we beg for Your infinite mercy to give us a much better understanding in the beauty of becoming Muslims. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

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