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Only Allah Can Plan

Allah, The Best Planner!
Our life is not according to our plan but only Allah’s plan

Have you ever wondered that sometimes what we have planned never go as it should.

Have you ever planned your life to the way you wanted it to be but did it ever go as you carefully planned it to be?

I have planned my life to be as such…. marry only to only one husband till the end of time.. just like my parents had…..  did it happen nope… after only a decade of trying to save the marriage it fell apart…. Allahu Akbar

However i have accepted the decree of Allah and realized that, it happened as such due to Allah’s bigger and better plan for me, by which now i am living with, Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah

Looking back at why my plans never worked out perfectly …. because i never asked my Allah from the beginning ……every time, I was always planning to the way i thought it was good for me …… but only Allah know what was best for me! For example my marriage, it did not work out the way I planned, and beacause of it, i have been thought the most important life lessons ….that now I would submit myself totally to Allah, Only to Allah…. Thawakkalthu ala Llah

Now having learnt the biggest lesson in my life, whatever my plans for my future, i would often ask from our beloved Allah the Creator and Planner, the One Who Knows everything and the Perfect Planner, I would never disregard Him. Hence, if my life never went as i planned, i know it was already designed for me in such a way that is perfect for me ….by my Allah, He decreed it with a reason which is for the better! Alhamdulilllah.

Just like the year 2020 and probably 2021 as well (Allahu a’lam – Allah knows best), 2020 is the year that i call it the year that never was…. it was all already preordained and predestined. So the next step in going ahead for the year 2021 and future years ahead is to always put Allah first and foremost at all times and always.

Allah planned last year to be as such and He has better plans for us indefinitely for the future. All we need is Trust, Tawakkal and Totally Submit ourselves to Allah swt. In sha Allah He will grant us the best.

Ya Allah we are Your weak slaves we only depend on Your Rahmah we beg for Your help and protection.

Ya Allah grant all of us the best of dunia life and the best of hereafter life.

Allahumma Solli wasallim ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa aalih.

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