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It is Our Own Choice Charity Can Be In Any Form

In this current situation, with the recent Musibah that had befallen our country which caused many to loose their homes through the heavy flooding that caused a total loss to many home owners. The disaster had affected almost half of the country.

It is overwhelming to see that many compassionate people from different walks of life came to aid those who are suffering and to assist them to overcome such battles of slush and debris and mud in providing the victims with food, clothing and also to clean the homes of the flood affected mud houses.

Such good people are staring at an overwhelming task of clearing out days of sludge and water from their homes and salvaging their lives destroyed by the worst mud flooding.

Thus charity does not have to be in the form of money but Allah swt. will accept it in the form of our energy, time, talent, resources and other means which does not include financial aid., and as long as we are sincere in giving that charity.

Ya Allah Please accept our humblest and sincerest gift of charity in the form of our time, talent, energy and all the resources that we can give for the sake of You ya ALLAH Ameen ameen ameen Ya Rabbal Aalameen.

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