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The Importance Of Solah! Why We Need To Perform With Our Body, Mind And Soul.

The difference between a believer from a non believer is solah. However when we perform our solah, it has to be with our body, mind and soul. Then only we can achieve the ultimate redha and rahmah from Allah our Creator.

Consciously performed solah will reflect the God remembrance and will lead the mind to constantly steadfast on straight path. This will establish a fear of Allah in our hearts and not to disobey Allah.

Do we need to perform Solah? And
why the need for us to perform Solah with Our Body, Mind and Soul?


Only Allah Knows the answer for this question, what we are informed are very little for example

Solah with Body :

  • To steadfast the physical body with the remembrance of Allah
  • To train our physical body and desire how to obey Allah and submit whole heartedly to Allah
  • To achieve discipline of our body and desire.
  • To achieve the best form of meditational exercise
  • To achieve full concentration of our physical movement towards Allah during our solah.
  • To train our physical body to perform a prescribed act on its scheduled time as an obedient servant of Allah
  • To achieve physical stability and to be consciously control the body movements and our acts whilst performing it.
  • To accommodate the physical body on what the “intention” instructs according to tertib or in sequence which means it must be in order. If it is not done in order our solah is not valid. nauzubillah min zalik
  • To achieve Thoma’ninah (calmness) between every act and physical movements in order to complete the physical movements of Solah. This is a physical discipline that we can achieve during the Solah. This will be reflected in our daily lives, and such discipline will be ingrained in our life to become a best servant of Allah, in sha Allah, so we would be able to face any challenges ahead without any fear, insha Allah

Solah with Mind :

Solah with Soul :

  • To achieve a blessed soul that had been living with calm full Body and Mind. This soul is known as Ruh Mahmudah (the praised soul). This is the reflection of true Solah.
  • To maintain the original nature of soul – ruh, which is created as pure, lived and died as pure to go to jannah through istiqamah in solah with Khushu’
  • To achieve a blessed and praised soul even after the soul separated from the physical body by death. This praised Ruh (soul) will be send to most blessed station. This is the reflection of Solah.
  • Solah is prescribed on us to train our soul to steadfast on its original nature.
  • Solah, zikruLlah and its kaifiyyah are the only available method for our soul to accomplish tranquility, and to keep going on the straight path until we reach the Day of judgement, in sha Allah

Ya Allah, please let us achieve our solah with full of khusyu’ with our body, mind and soul. Allahuma Ameeen. Ya Allah.

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