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Realization Of My Soul

1 January 2020

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamualaikum wa RahmathuLlahi wa Barakaathuh

Dear Readers
In the name of our beloved ALLAH swt I would like to submit this blog to all my respected readers.

I feel the need to write this blog as it is my deepest thoughts regarding Allah and my journey from looking for Allah, finding Him and Loving Him…..

This is the reflection of my humble journey in searching for Allah, finding Him, experiencing His glorious presence through faith and Loving Him…..

Through writing about our creator can i fill my Soul with the mercy and love that only Allah can give in sha Allah

Dear respected readers, when we have indeed learned and know about our beloved Creator then only we can understand the real purpose of our life in this world. This will answer the question of many why we are here in this world?

I beg my beloved Allah swt to forgive me, with my intensive cry and tears of my soul, struggling to share the bliss of this unique experiences to the world; that this may could fill my Soul with the mercy and love that only Allah can bestow, in sha Allah

Please follow my blog as i will be sharing more of the realization of my soul in my future posts in sha Allah….

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) reported to have said that

Convey From Me Even If It Is One Verse

Prophet Muhammad SAW

Always keep Allah close to your heart

Rozana Zeti

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