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First Syawal : A Spiritual Celebration For Continuance Throughout The Year!

Every year, the First Syawal is a spiritual Celebration for the world Muslims to celebrate after finishing their Ramadhan fasting – a 30 days of Spiritual Cleansing.

Alhamdulilllah by Allah’s Rahmah, we have managed to fast the whole of 30 days in this sacred Ramadhan for Allah. Fasting is a body, mind and soul cleansing and a habitual act for every year until we go back to Allah, our ultimate creator!

We have managed to complete the marathon and kept up with the spiritual endurance througout the 30 days of spiritual cleansing process … Alhamdulilllah shukur to Allah swt. Who granted us His thoufeeq.

The sacred month of Ramadhan, every year comes and goes. When it finally arrived, we have a sense of feeling of happiness and a spiritual joy in welcoming Ramadhan with full of enthusiasm but when the end of the sacred month comes to an end, we feel an emotional farewell as we feel very very sad that the nights of Rahmah, mercy is no longer granted by Allah… is really painful indeed!

Let us do our Dua’ that this sadness be an imaanic reflection in the hearts of every believers, and this must be continued in every one of our hearts until we welcome the next Ramadhan in sha Allah.

Ya Allah, we beg for Your Rahmah to keep our Quloob always pure and clean from all the impurities and we beg You to steadfast us on Your straight path.

Ya Allah we beg You to accept all our ibadah with Your mercy, forgiveness and protect all of us from jahannam!

Ya Allah we beg for Your Rahmah to grant us itqu-mmina nnar.

Ya Allah we beg You to grant us thoufeeq to welcome many more Ramadhan with Taqwah and sihat wal aafiyyah, to fast for You with Iman and Ihtisaban, to be blessed with Your Redha.
Ameen ameen ameen ya Allah.

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