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Only Allah Knows what is the Best for us We Do Not Know

Only Allah swt knows what is best for us, as Allah swt is the Ultimate Planner – the Almighty.

Ya Allah, especially in these trying times, we do not know anything, we only trust in Your mercy and protection. Ya Allah our strength is only our Tawakkal in You ya Allah.

Ya Allah, You are all Knowing and only You know what is good for us in all our situations for all the time.

Ya Allah we are Your humbling servants begging for Your mercy.

Ya Allah, we have no one except You. We need only You and Your Compassionate Mercy Ya Allah.

Ya Allah, we can not survive without Your Maghfirah, Rahmah and Protection.
Allahu Akbar!

Dear Allah, only You know what is the best for us … please give us the best in this dunia and akhirah. Ameen Ameen Ameen Ya Allah.

Ya Allah, we beg You for Your Rahamah Please ya Allah we beg You to hear our humble heart’s cry, submission and duas to You Ya Allah.


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