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Ayatul Kursi – The Verse of The Throne

The benefits of Ayatul Kursi are uncountable. Allah swt. revealed to us His noble al-Quran, with full of mercy and wisdom, among the glorious verses are some specifically revealed with unique power and blessings.

All Ayats of the glorious al-Quran has significance of their own. Some of them are more prominent than others. One of them is the Ayatul Kursi.

Only Allah knows the importance and benefits of Ayatul Kursi, we do not know anything except what our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) have taught us, Subhana AlLah.

Ayatul kursi is very unique and most powerful, only Allah knows it’s unique power and miraculous reflections.

Allah swt revealed ayatul kursi with many reasons and with uncountable blessings.

Allah swt granted us a comprehensive protection through the power of His sacred al-Quran especially through the glorious verses of ayatul kursi.

Ayatul kursi is a protection for all of us and at all times especially during this pandemic period.

Among the benefits of reciting the ayatul kursi sincerely and with full of hope for the protection of Allah are :

1) to recite while leaving the house, 70,000 angels will be appointed to accompany you
2) to recite while entering the house, by the barakah of your recitation poverty will never enter your home
3) to recite before sleeping an angel will be appointed to protect you throughout the night
4) to recite after every solah, it’s barakah is very great and uncountable, there will be nothing standing between him and his entry into Paradise but death.
5) to recite after every wudhu, Allah will raise a person 70 times in Allah’s rank

Ya Allah grant all of us thoufeeq to recite Ayatul kursi sincerely and constantly for You and by the barakah of Ayatul Kursi protect all of us from this pandemic and other musibah. Ameen ameen ameeen Ya Allah.

Ya Allah You are the Overseer and the Protector of this entire universe. Ya Allah we are frightened of this pandemic and our wits are at lost as Covid 19 waves have covered the entire planet, our strength is nothing but our Trust and Tawakkal in You.

Ya Allah, we beg for Your Protection and we are protected indeed as far as we are:

1) in remembrance of You while standing, sitting and sleeping (lying down)
2) constantly fighting for Your cause
3) constantly trying to assist the mankind within the means
4) innnocent and not doing anyting harmful to other mankind
5) responsible people from being disruptive on this earth

Ya Allah, we are begging You for Your help in all our situations Ya Allah!

Ya Allah, We have no one else to turn but to You ya Rabbal Aalameen.

Ya Allah we beg You to hear our cry and pleas as You are closer to us than our own jugular vein.

Ya Allah we beg You to cure all our sickness that we know and we do not know as You are the only Curer and You know everything.

Ya Allah, please appoint Your special angels as protection for us from the covid-19, other pandemics and other musibah. Ameeen ameeen Ya Allah.

Ya Allah we beg You to protect all of us from this pandemic, fitnah and it’s musibah known or unknown as You are the only Protector. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.

HasbunaLlah HasbunaLlah

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